How to Create Soft Curls with Our Diamond Flat Iron

Diamond-infused hair tools evenly distribute heat for no heat damage and a better end result.

You’ll get a silky look with a healthy shine.

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1″ Diamond Flat Iron: Professional Salon Model

Get Perfect Curls with a Clipless Curling Iron

Use our clipless curling iron for perfect curls with no lines or creases and no heat damage.

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1″ Clipless Curling Iron, 25MM Pink

Creating a Taylor Swift Updo

In this hair styling video, learn how to create a classy updo worn by celebs like Taylor Swift.

Use our argan oil hair care collection to moisturize and prepare hair before styling.

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Our Argan Oil Hair Care Collection

How to Get Sleek, Straight Hair with a Diamond Flat Iron

Use our flat irons with diamond-infused plates and negative ion technology for a sleek, smooth look.

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Our line of Diamond Flat Irons