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Summer Travels: The Mile-High Beauty Club

Wherever your travels are taking you this summer, you’re probably more excited about the destination than the long flight to get there. We can’t reduce your flight time or keep the crying babies off your plane, but we do have some beauty and health advice that will come in handy once you’ve reached your cruising altitude of thirty thousand feet. Consider Brilliance New York your co-pilot.

Defeat Dry Skin

There’s a reason your hands and skin always feel dry when you’re up in the sky. The air at high altitudes has very little moisture.

The miniature water bottle handed to you by a flight attendant once every few hours is hardly enough to keep up with your body’s normal water requirements let alone compensate for the altitude. Buy a few water bottles once you’ve passed airport security and keep yourself hydrated throughout your flight. To avoid frequent bathroom breaks, load up on raw fruits and veggies, which offer a slow release of hydration into your body.

You should also nourish your skin with extra hydration before and during the flight. Step up your moisturizer game with Body Soufflé up to a day before your flight, and bring cream with you the day of your travels. Apply thirty minutes before boarding to give it time to be absorbed, then reapply up to once an hour during your flight.

Say Goodnight to Sun Damage

Were you lucky enough to snag a window seat? You’ve probably never gotten sunburn on a flight, but you’re still exposed to harmful rays through the window. And when you’re a mile high in the sky, that’s one mile closer to the sun. To prevent skin damage, make sure you’re wearing a cream with SPF, like Pearl SPF Day Cream.

Purge All Puffiness

Remember the last time you left a flight feeling puffy and bloated? Let’s really make it the last time.

Skip those salty airplane peanuts and pretzels. Pack raw fruits and veggies with you instead. To increase circulation, it can also be helpful to stretch and walk periodically (when safe and allowed to do so). If your eyes are puffy and you’ve checked your Caviar Eye Cream or left it home, rinse your face in cold water, or soak a cloth or paper towels in cold water to create a cold compress to use during descent.

No More Messy Hair

After your flight, there’s nothing worse than meeting loved ones, going out to eat, going sightseeing, or even just walking off the plane with messy airplane hair.

Endless hours of sitting with your head against an airplane seat can cause a flat patch of hair. Prevent it by flipping your head forward and tying your hair into a loose topknot. When you let it down after your flight, you’ll probably even notice a nice volume boost. You’ll still want to guard your hair from dryness and extra tangles and damage, so be sure to enlist the deep hydration of Protect and Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masque the night before traveling.

Count On Cleanliness

Long flights can leave you feeling pretty icky to say the least. Just before descent, bring a toothbrush, mini toothpaste, deodorant, and Facial Cleanser into the bathroom and freshen up. And if you’re on a red-eye flight, be sure to remove your makeup and wash your face before you (and the folks in your row) settle down for the night.

Happy Travels!

We hope you have a great trip! Any other mile-high beauty secrets to share? Leave a comment and let us know.

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