5 Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture
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5 Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

We all want smooth skin, right?

Skin can be all you think about when puberty hits. For the lucky few, it’s smooth sailing right into adulthood. But for most of you, your skin wants to take you for a ride.

From bumps and zits to blemishes and acne, it’s hard to catch a break from all the unpredictable things your skin can do.

Some days it’s oily and then some days it’s dry and requires twice the amount of moisturizing.

You might have gotten so desperate that you turned to medication for help.

Let’s take a look at five healthy ways you can improve the smoothness and texture of your skin.

Myths About Getting Smooth Skin

First, let’s debunk a couple of skin care myths.

Your skin is valuable and with you for life, so you want to take care of it. Don’t let marketing gimmicks get in the way of real, practical solutions.

It’s easy to think that smooth skin equals no sun. However, as Dr. Mercola points out, the sun is good for your skin. Getting enough Vitamin D every day can assist your body in looking after your skin’s pigmentation.

Dr. Mercola fights another myth: that all skin care products are safe.

There are thousands of ingredients used and found in these products, while only a small percentage has been tested for safety.

It’s important to remember that whatever you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your body and bloodstream, so read the label carefully.

How to Improve Skin Texture with Food

5 Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

Everything in your body is connected. That’s why you experience excessive oil on your face if you eat fast food.

Whitney Coy of She Knows reminds us of the timeless phrase “you are what you eat,” passed down from her mother. It turns out that she knew what she was talking about, so it’s worth listening.

Marie Nadeau of Mind Body Green says that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good skin. These are found in walnuts and fish. She explains that omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep harmful things away from your skin cells.

Marie also mentions the benefits of green tea to achieve ultimate skin texture.

Green tea has been used for centuries and is known for its powerful anti-oxidants. These work hard to maintain optimum skin health and ensure that your skin is getting the hydration and restoration that it needs.

How to Get Smooth Skin with Vitamin C

How to Get Smooth Skin with Vitamin C

Now that you know the condition of your skin is connected to diet and what you put into your body, it’s only natural to predict that concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals will also be beneficial.

Most of you have experienced the healing powers of vitamin C in times of stress and sickness.

There’s nothing quite like getting that surge of energy when your regular diet just isn’t cutting it. The smoothness and texture of our skin are dependent on vitamins and minerals.

Ling Chan, a skin expert specialist, explains the importance of vitamin C on your skin. She focuses mainly on skin texture. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants that fight to repair the skin and prevent further damage.

Additionally, vitamin C works as a restoration serum that reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation, scar tissues, and age spots.

Improve Skin Texture with Exfoliation

Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

There are numerous ways to improve the smoothness of your skin by looking after it from the inside out.

Starting with diet and naturally occurring vitamins will give you a significant boost towards healthier skin with a smoother texture.

The next step in looking after your skin is thinking about what is involved in your daily beauty routine.

There are some essential steps you can’t miss when it comes to being consistent with your skincare.

Exfoliating is a natural process that can help rejuvenate your skin.

  • How it Works: Sarah Rutland of How Stuff Works explains that exfoliating is the process of removing any loose or dead skin cells from the surface, right above the epidermis.

This primarily helps with keeping pores clear. It ensures you’re giving your skin a beautiful, deep clean every day that can promote suppleness and a smooth texture.

  • The Process: Lindsey Sanchez of Live Strong breaks down the exfoliating process. She discusses the importance of exfoliating with a soft brush – you don’t want to damage any new skin.

Lindsey recommends exfoliating at least three times a week for smooth skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to skip a day here and there to prevent any irritation.

How to Improve Your Skin with Turmeric

Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

There are some secrets to smooth skin that lies between food and face. Knowing exactly what goes into your food can be the answer to achieving great looking skin.

You might only know turmeric as a spice used mainly in curries, which gives them that vibrant yellow color. It is relatively tasteless and quickly absorbed into the numerous other flavors it is served with.

There is so much more to turmeric than being a flavorsome spice.

Kris Gunnars of Healthline says that turmeric has been around for thousands of years and has many healing properties.

One main compound of turmeric is curcumin.

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Both of these properties have incredible benefits on the skin, reducing inflammation and detoxifying for a supple texture.

Why Sunblock is Important for Skin Texture

Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

While it is important to remember that your skin needs a healthy, regular dose of vitamin D, it can be easy to overdo this.

The ozone layer isn’t getting any thicker, and your skin isn’t getting any less sensitive.

Achieving ultimate skin texture and smoothness is a balancing act. Getting the ratio of vitamins to preventative topical creams can be a tricky one.

Sunblock is just as crucial for skin texture as vitamin D is.

It’s all about moderation.

Dana Oliver of HuffPost discusses the importance of being consistent with applying sunscreen.

While you may already know that wearing sunblock can prevent cancer, Dana further explains that it can also reduce the appearance of veins on your face and blotchiness.

She expands by saying that sunblock also helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin supple for longer.

By reducing the amount of redness and unevenness in skin tone, it will be much easier to achieve a smooth skin texture.

Benefits of Having Smooth Skin

  • Having smooth skin has long been a sign of beauty, youthfulness, and health. It’s highly sought after – so much so that there are thousands of products on the market for this specific purpose.
  • However, wanting smooth skin goes a little deeper than just your appearance.
  • When you are healthy on the inside, you radiate on the outside.
  • If you feel good about yourself and how you take care of your body, this will shine through your outermost layer.
  • Achieving the appearance of smooth skin is not only a confidence booster.
  • Improving your skin texture can improve your quality of life and make you feel like you really can go out on that date, after all.
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Labor Day Beauty Essentials

In the world of beauty and fashion, Labor Day marks the end of Summer. With the Labor Day beauty essentials we’ve rounded up for you, you’ll be able to make the most of Summer beauty while you still can.


We’re all about turning down the heat and rocking your natural texture for one last day of Summer fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to let all that chlorine, salt, and sun damage show. Use Recovery Hair Masque before your Labor Day festivities so your hair looks effortlessly moist and hydrated despite everything you’ve put it through. If you’re beach bound or going to be out in the sun, bring some Essential Hydration Hair Serum with you in your bag for a mid-day boost.


Labor Day plans have a tendency to start early and end late. No one wants the Summer fun to stop! For an effortless and light Summer look that transitions from day to night with ease, use Allure Shine Lip Gloss in “Peach Sheen.”


Hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun with Pearl SPF Day Cream. Embrace Summer glow by mixing in a touch of bronzer on the back of your hand before you apply.


Pick a perfume that says Summer. Ideally it should be light with a floral or fruity undertone.


If you’ve got a mani and pedi booked before Labor Day, go for the bright colors. You might be tempted to make an early switch to Fall plums and other dark or neutral hues, but come Winter you’ll be glad you got an extra two weeks of Summer nails.

Need some more last-minute beauty advice before Labor Day? Tweet @BrillianceNY and ask away! Or leave a comment here and let us know your Labor Day beauty picks.

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How to Mask, You Ask?

When used properly, face masks can be an enjoyably luxurious, stress-relieving experience – not to mention the incomparable skincare benefits. Whether you’re about to use your first face mask or aren’t quite sure you’ve been doing it right, these steps for face mask use should add confidence to your beauty routine.

Step 1: Choose Your Indulgence

•    Sheet masks like the 24K Gold Indulgence Face Mask cover the face with a solid object, creating a vacuum effect that blocks out air and allows deeper penetration.
•    Mud or clay masks like the Caviar Magnetic Exfoliating Mask draw impurities to the surface as it dries and tightens, absorbing excess oil without stripping it completely.
•    Thermal masks like the Ruby Thermal Heating Mask create warmth, opening your pores, encouraging your skin to breathe, and leaving it refreshed.

Each contains different ingredients with a combination of benefits including firming, wrinkle reduction, brightening, toning, cleansing, moisturizing, and more.

Step 2: Cleanse

Allow the ingredients in your face mask to penetrate your skin easier and deeper by exfoliating beforehand to get dead skin cells and dirt out of the way. When it comes to a cleansing mask, you may see the mask pull off more grime if you don’t wash your face first, but it’s typically beneficial to let the mask focus on pulling out the smaller, harder-to-reach stuff.

Step 3: Apply and Enjoy

Be sure to read the instructions. Some masks can simply be set on top of your face, while others are rubbed on and activated with water. Masks can call for a setting time of anywhere from two to over twenty minutes. Sit back, relax, and clear your mind while the mask purifies your skin.

Step 4: Remove

Depending on the type of mask, you may be rinsing or simply lifting it off. Don’t be alarmed if some residue is left behind. The ingredients continue to do their job even after removing the mask, but you can rinse it off without losing any effect.

Step 5: Moisturize

For best results, always moisturize after using a face mask. Begin with a serum, as the smaller molecules penetrate your skin and bring moisture into the deep layers of your skin. Ten minutes after the serum sinks in, use a moisturizing face cream to create a hydrating, protective layer on top of your skin, locking in moisture.

Step 6: Repeat

You can use face masks once to twice a week, but not necessarily the same type of face mask. Some can be used once a week, while others (like the Diamond Face Mask) are recommended for monthly use, so make sure you’re clear on the instructions. Using a variety of masks in your beauty regimen can allow you to reap multifaceted skincare benefits. Enjoy!

Step 7: Share

No, no, no! We’re not saying you have to share your face masks. (We understand if you don’t.) But we do want you to leave a comment and share your face mask experience.

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Beauty Dos and Donts: Swimsuit Edition

Summer’s approaching, and it’s getting hotter by the day. Going to the beach or the pool seems like a great idea, but are you ready for swimsuit season? These dos and donts of bathing suit beauty will help your style stay afloat this summer.

DO show up with gorgeous, beach-appropriate hair. Tousled waves are a great match for humidity and a beach breeze.

DON’T pick a bathing suit with a complicated array of straps and asymmetrical designs. Think of the tan lines and that cute sun dress you’re planning to wear next week.

DO wear sunscreen. Sun is a number one cause of premature aging. If you want color, grab the bronzer, not the tanning oil.

DON’T adjust your bathing suit with an audience. Keep it classy by ducking into a public restroom or removing your wedgie underwater.

DO wear a cover-up that actually covers you up. It’s attractive to leave a little to the imagination, not to mention you’ll want the option to protect your skin from the sun or enter a beachside restaurant for lunch or dinner if you get hungry. Instead of rolled-down shorts, choose a cute sundress that can dance along with you wherever your day at the beach heads next.

DON’T wear high heels with your bathing suit. Real life isn’t like a music video. Rare upscale occasions might call for the combination, but otherwise please remember that heels plus sand equals sure to sink. If fancy is your thing, pick a pair of blinged out flip-flops. Part of beauty and fashion is knowing what’s appropriate for the occasion.

DO consider your bikini body when eating on a daily basis instead of crash dieting a week before your beach trip. Beauty is accomplished by making healthy choices. Try reducing the amounts of bread and pasta you eat. Consume smaller protein-rich meals more often, along with lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink two liters of water a day and a cup of green or herbal tea (without sugar). Cut down alcohol intake. The benefits of a healthy diet are limitless.

DON’T wear a bathing suit that looks like lingerie. Save it for the bedroom.

DO wear sunglasses. Not only do they add style; they protect those pretty eyes from harmful UV rays.

DON’T wear socks and sneakers with a bathing suit. Unless you’re exercising. Period.

DO wear a bathing suit that fits. Choose a cute mix-and-match style so you can choose a different-sized top and bottom if needed. Jump up and down in front of the dressing room mirror to make sure nothing will fall out when you’re reenacting scenes from Baywatch. Keep in mind that triangle bikinis look good on smaller chests and that your girls might require more support. Also, constantly lifting a drooping cover-up, bikini bottom, or top is not going to look sexy, even if everything else about your bathing attire is fabulous.

DON’T wear anything other than simple jewelry. Save the dressy jewels for your dressy outfits.

DO pack water with you to the beach. All that sun, activity, and salt water can really dehydrate you. Dehydration is bad for your skin among other things, so drink up!

DON’T compare yourself to swimsuit models. Their bodies are airbrushed and photoshopped.

DO go to the beach with the mindset that you look absolutely gorgeous. Feeling confident and sexy can make you look confident and sexy.

And there’s one more! DON’T forget to leave a comment and share your swimsuit season tips and stories.

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Eye Shape: Makeup Makeover

If you’re applying eye makeup based solely on eye color, think again. If your eyes are the same shade of brown as your friend’s but look completely different, why should you be using the same makeup as her? Attention to eye shape is long overdue. Find your eye shape below and enjoy a much needed makeover for your eye makeup routine.

Deep Set

Know the shape: Deep set eyes are generally large and set deep in the skull, making the brow bone look more prominent.

Makeup makeover: Brighten the natural shadowing cast over your lids by using light, warm colors, like a metallic peach. If your eyelashes brush against your brow bone, waterproof mascara can help prevent smudging.


Know the shape: Protruding eyes are characterized by large looking eyelids that project outward from the skull.

Makeup makeover: Reduce the overpowering effect of your eyelids by creating a smokey eye effect or blending dark colors into your look, as dark colors help minimize space and size. Use that canvas to play with thick eyeliner along the upper lash line and further diminish space. You have the benefit of being able to use liquid eyeliner without it smudging against your brow bone when you open your eyes. Application may be easier if you tilt your head back while looking in the mirror.


Know the shape: Hooded eyes can be identified by a flap of skin that droops over the crease, making eyelids appear narrow.

Makeup makeover: Diffuse dark color on the eyelid over and out past the crease. Tightline under the upper lash line to intensify your lash base, which could otherwise disappear under the fold of skin. (Tightlining is like waterlining, but you apply eyeliner in between your lashes to make them look thicker.)


Know the shape: Eyes classified as monolid feature a flat lid that comes straight down from the brow bone, making the brow bone less prominent.

Makeup makeover: Use a gradient of eyeshadow colors to create definition. Start with the darkest color at the base of your lid, use a softer tone at the crease, and apply the lightest, shiniest shade over the brow bone.


Know the shape: Almond eyes tend to be pointed at the outer corners and rounded in the middle, like an almond.

Makeup makeover: Almond eyes are the perfect candidate for winged liner. Follow the contour of your eyes from end to end and go thick, dark, and dramatic in proportion to the size of your eyes. If your eyes turn upward at the outer corner, dark shadow or liner under the outer corner can bring down that effect. If your eyes turn downward at the outer corner, try creating cat eyes by extending eyeliner upward from the outer corner at a 45 degree angle.

Close Together

Know the shape: Eyes can be described as being close together if they are less than one eye’s width apart.

Makeup makeover: Use light eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of more space and really open up your eyes. Extra mascara or fake lashes around the outer corners of your eyes can help pull focus outward and create the illusion of greater eye-to-eye length.

Far Apart

Know the shape: Eyes can be described as being far apart if they are more than one eye’s width apart.

Makeup makeover: Don’t extend your eyeliner past the outer corner of your eye, as extra length isn’t needed. Feel confident when playing with color, which tends to work especially well with this shape. Have you ever tried blue eyeliner?


Makeup makeover: Use thin eyeliner so it doesn’t overpower your eyes. Create a more rounded shape by tracing the top rim and the outer half of the lower rim.


Makeup makeover: Use eyeliner (or thicker eyeliner) only along the outer half of your upper and lower rims to make your eyes look longer.

Your Results

For best results, use Brilliance New York Satin Glide Eye Pencils, Silk Finish Eye Shadow, and Lush Black Mascara – and leave a comment to let us know how your eye makeup makeover goes!

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Perfecting the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look (for Non-Celebs)

For celebs like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and others, the ‘no-makeup’ look has become a proud statement used on selfies and personal photos. It even has its own hashtag: #nomakeup.

For us non-celebrities, we either go au naturale or put on just enough of natural makeup to look au naturale. For this, you’ll need to perfect the “no makeup” makeup look. It will give you the fresh-faced glow that looks effortless, but will actually involve some subtle work on your part.

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Milkmaid Braid Vintage Hairstyle
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Vintage Hairstyles Go Modern this Fall

Hairstyles, much like fashion trends, have a way of coming back when we least expect them. With shows like Mad Men, and modern style icons like Emma Watson and Mary Kate Olson rocking vintage styles, these looks are making a comeback.

No matter what your style, there’s an era you can borrow from. Mod era looks such as pixie cuts and blunt bangs are a throwback to the 60s, while bombshell curls and victory rolls are perfect for those wanting a more glamorous look. For an everyday, casual ‘do, try out one of the many braids that are trending for fall or wrap your hair in a vintage hair scarf.

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