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Labor Day Beauty Essentials

In the world of beauty and fashion, Labor Day marks the end of Summer. With the Labor Day beauty essentials we’ve rounded up for you, you’ll be able to make the most of Summer beauty while you still can.


We’re all about turning down the heat and rocking your natural texture for one last day of Summer fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to let all that chlorine, salt, and sun damage show. Use Recovery Hair Masque before your Labor Day festivities so your hair looks effortlessly moist and hydrated despite everything you’ve put it through. If you’re beach bound or going to be out in the sun, bring some Essential Hydration Hair Serum with you in your bag for a mid-day boost.


Labor Day plans have a tendency to start early and end late. No one wants the Summer fun to stop! For an effortless and light Summer look that transitions from day to night with ease, use Allure Shine Lip Gloss in “Peach Sheen.”


Hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun with Pearl SPF Day Cream. Embrace Summer glow by mixing in a touch of bronzer on the back of your hand before you apply.


Pick a perfume that says Summer. Ideally it should be light with a floral or fruity undertone.


If you’ve got a mani and pedi booked before Labor Day, go for the bright colors. You might be tempted to make an early switch to Fall plums and other dark or neutral hues, but come Winter you’ll be glad you got an extra two weeks of Summer nails.

Need some more last-minute beauty advice before Labor Day? Tweet @BrillianceNY and ask away! Or leave a comment here and let us know your Labor Day beauty picks.

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Balanced Beauty for a Fierce Fourth of July

Between loud, bright fireworks and a bold color combination of red, white, and blue, it’s easy to go overboard when incorporating the Fourth of July theme into your holiday beauty and fashion. This beauty checklist will help you have a fun Independence Day minus the visual violations and embarrassment.

 The American flag appears on only one element of my look. Sure, it can be fun to find how many ways you can work the American flag into your clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup. But a single flag (or multiple flags that appear in one place, like your nails) has way more punch. If you’ve created American flags over your eyelids, save that flag shirt for next year.

 I did not use face paint (or makeup as face paint). You can look patriotic without looking like you’re going to a costume party.

 I am not wearing a body suit or flag dress. (Need we mention costume party again?)

 I have a fresh, festive manicure. If there’s a side of you that wants to go crazy with glitz and glitter, the nails are an acceptable place to release that energy. Combine all the American colors if you’d like, or go with a solid red. We love bright manis for the Summer.

 My makeup features either a bold, red lip, or an extra pop of color on the eyes, like mermaid blue eyeliner – or neither (not both). The pop of color on your eyes doesn’t have to be a patriotic color; try to make a smart choice that complements your entire outfit (which doesn’t necessarily mean an exact color match).

 I have consciously selected accessories that balance my outfit. If you’ve gone with a red, white, and blue theme that runs through your clothing, jewelry, and maybe even your makeup, why not add something a little different but still summery, like a stylish straw hat?

Do you have your entire Fourth of July look planned out already? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re thinking. Or why not post a pic to Twitter and tag @BrillianceNY so we can see? We hope you enjoy the holiday!

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Start the New Year with all of the essentials. Enter #BNYBasics Giveaway.

Start the New Year with all of the essentials. Enter #BNYBasics Giveaway.

The holidays are coming to an end and you have indulged all of your friends and loved ones by selecting the right gifts, planning family gatherings, and taking part in all of the festivities. After a year of balancing all the important events and people in your life it is only natural for you to have neglected yourself. This is the perfect time to restart, reboot, and stock up on all the essentials to update your beauty routine.

Here are a few suggestions to get yourself back on track for the New Year:

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Easy Breezy Hairdos For The Beach

Heading out for a weekend beach getaway with the girls? Or maybe your long awaited vacation to paradise is finally here? Either way, you’re probably planning everything from which bikinis to pack to what hairstyles to sport. The latter of which we’ve got you covered.

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Packing The Hair Care Essentials

Vacation time has finally come and you can’t wait to get away, let loose, and have a little fun. We totally get it! And in order to make sure you have the best possible time while away from home and out of the office, we’ve complied a list of the hair care essentials every traveling girl needs.

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Plan The Perfect Spa Getaway

Ladies, we’re going to tell you something you’ve needed to hear for a long time. You deserve to be pampered. That’s right, a manicure every once in a blue moon just doesn’t cut it. And the little shoulder rub you give yourself while you’re on hold with technical support doesn’t count either. Simply put, nothing compares to a spa getaway. Luxurious bathrobes, lush landscapes, and a healthy dose of bubbly are just what you need to decompress and get back to feeling your beautiful, confident self.

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