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2 must have hair products to protect your hair this summer!

The secret is finally out! There is no magic trick to protect and nourish the health of your hair while it is being exposed to harsh summer heat and pool or ocean water. However, here are two products that will transform your summer hair care and ensure it maintains its fabulousness!

The first product that will make a great summer hair treatment is the Perfect Finish Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum. The argan oil has proven natural properties to replenish and hydrate the hair, while leaving it looking silky smooth and shiny. The lightweight formula provides the perfect salon finish with every use. After using the product your hair will feel rejuvenated and provides you instant shine!

Another product to look into is the Professional Diamond Flat Iron series. These flat irons are made with materials that won’t burn and destroy your hair. The advanced ceramic and titanium plates offer a protective coating that will contract the amount of heat that is being absorbed into the hair, ensuring that it won’t dry it out and burn, causing serious damage. The professional flat iron collection can reach high temperatures of 450°F / 225°C without damaging your hair.

To view all the Brilliance New York hair care collection and to find the best fit for you click here. Your one stop haircare range is available for all hair types and needs!

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21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2019 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

A new season means an opportunity for a fresh start.

As warm autumn colors set in, a cozy new hairstyle is just what you’ll need to match the cool fall vibes.

The majority of websites that provide seasonal hair color trends only list an average of 14.

Our list of 21 hair colors for fall offers the hottest fads and enough of them to match everyone’s unique style. The more color ideas, the more creative you can get with your new fall look.

Head into the next season feeling great by incorporating one of these new hair colors for fall into your daily fashion.
Which one suits you best?

Color Styles

Before we get deep into color, it’s beneficial to have an idea of the style you want your color in. Here are some popular fall styles to keep in mind:

1. High-Contrast Roots

Sometimes, heading into fall means sitting back and letting your summer color grow out.

For those of you who want to take it easy, good news.

The grunge look is (still) in.

This fall, let your roots run the show for a natural, carefree appearance. Check out Paris Jackson’s root look for some inspiration!

21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2018 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

2. Ombre

Arguably one of the most popular trends lately, ombre is still going strong — especially for fall.

With cooler color on top and warmer at the bottom, it’s a perfect match for fall’s shifting weather.

21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2018 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

3. Aux-naturelle

For those of you who are looking for a more clean-cut, natural look to kick off fall, going back to your roots is in.

A full-through color with a subtle highlight shimmer will have you glowing through autumn.

Khloe Kardashian chose this route with her rich chocolate brown tone and caramel highlights!

21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2018 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

Cotton Candy Dreams

For everyone who thought pink was for summer — think again.

These pink shades and styles will have you matching your luscious locks with this season’s cool feeling.

4. Chocolate Mauve

Chocolate mauve looks as delicious as it sounds. By taking the summery pink feel and melting chocolate tones throughout, you’ve created an autumn look that attracts and impresses.

Let professional stylist Guy Tang show you how it’s done!

21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2018 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

5. Dusty Rose

Whether you’re still sporting a pink wig from the summer, or if you’re new to the pink ‘do, dusty rose is a perfect hair color for fall.

This pastel color cools down the vibrant pink color to create a more autumn feel.

Check out Elle Fanning’s take on this best hair color for fall!

To try it yourself at home, check out this video.

21 Best Hair Colors for Fall 2018 That Will Have You Head Over Heels

6. Rose Gold

Pink and gold were meant for each other — and the combo is meant for fall. The hint of summer’s end, mixed with a golden touch is a perfect way to bring in the cool autumn colors.

Sienna Miller knows how to rock it.

Check out professional stylist, Guy Tang’s version of Rose Gold and tips on how to get the look yourself!


Autumn is for Red

7. Warm Copper

A made-in-heaven combination of gold and rich auburn with a vibrant metallic feel. Warm and vibrant to step into the fall season feeling zingy.

Christina Hendricks nails it!


8. Burnt orange

What colors come to mind when you think of fall? Chances are, deep orange is one of them.

Orange is one of those hit or miss colors. However, when it’s done right, it can be stunning.

Take Rihanna for example.

Burnt orange is one of this year’s best hair colors for fall — check out this DIY video to see why!


9. Cherry red

One of the most modern reds is the cherry red. By combining this color with an ombre style like Lily Collins, you’ll be an autumn-loving cherry bomb in no time!

If you enjoy dying your hair DIY style, check out this video that may be helpful.



Playing with Browns

10. Caramel Highlights

Nothing is cozier than the color caramel.

Whether you naturally have dark hair, like Penelope Cruz, or if you’re looking to create the look from scratch, throwing some different shades of caramel into your dark hair will give you a warm glow for fall.


11. Cinnamon Chocolate

Cinnamon and autumn are two birds of a feather. Deep brown with an auburn tint, makes this one of the best hair colors for fall.

Check out Sarah Hyland rocking it!



12. Driftwood Lights

Deep, dark brown hair with a touch of gold makes Driftwood Lights the perfect fall color.

It’s also predicted to be one of the hottest colors of 2018.

Check out how the before and after shots look in this video!


13. Lighter Cinnamon Chocolate

If you’re into lighter looks for fall, check out the Lighter Cinnamon Chocolate.

Jourdan Dunn rocks it — can you picture yourself with this shade?


14. Sandy Beige

Beige-toned streaks will provide a vibrant glow for your new fall look. Check out Behati Prinsloo for some inspiration on this trend!


16. Dark n Stormy

Dark and stormy is a great choice while transitioning to cooler weather. On top of that, it’s extraordinarily low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep until your next style!

Selena Gomez does it best.


Autumn Blondies

17. Baby Blonde

Baby blonde hasn’t left us yet. Bring some light from the summer into to fall with this classic blonde babe look.

Kate Hudson will forever be one of the baby blonde leaders of our time. Can you pull it off this fall?


18. Platinum

Bringing an icy tone to your look will indicate summer is done and winter is on its way.

Many celebrities have been pulling off this color for specific seasons or longer (hey, Gwen Stefani).

However, Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty great job at sporting it.

Feel brave enough to do it yourself? Try this video.

Bring on the ice, ice baby!


19. Slate gray

Gray has been slowly making its way to the forefront of trending hairstyles. It’s bold, modern and sophisticated.

Mixed with fall colors and feels, this cool tone will make you feel like an autumn witch (the good kind).

If Lady Gaga does it, you know it’s ahead of the game.

Check out this video for a DIY approach.


20. Salt n’ Peppa

Salt n’ pepper isn’t just a good look on guys.

To get an extra zing to your modern gray look, try throwing some black in the mix for depth.

Don’t believe us? Check out Dascha Polanco. Looks like gray is the new black.


Wild Card

21. Multi-hue Jewel Tone

This jewel tone is a gorgeous multi-colored look that makes a statement.

By blending multiple colors, the outcome is something from a mermaid’s dream.

What better way to welcome the fall colors with your own mixture of tones!

See how the pros do it here.



Hair Colors for Fall at a Glance

Autumn is a great time of year for a lot of reasons — but the cozy feel and warm colors are what makes it special.

This year, the hair colors for fall is a mixture of hues and styles: from natural tones to bold expressions, there’s a feel for everyone’s personal style.

Ring in the new season by letting your personality and unique flair shine!

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Best Ombre Colors for Every Type of Hair

Find the best fit of ombre color for your hair!

Ombre is one trend that will never go out of style. At its core, it is a technique that fades one color into the next from the roots to the ends of your hair. The most classic combination is dark brown to light blonde hair. Over the years it has grown way beyond that. Whether you want a touch of lightness or to go full on rock n’ roll red, ombre works for everyone.

Natural ombre colors allow your hair to progress naturally, as the gradient gently shifts from dark to light. These styles also require little to no maintenance. They are the perfect way to add some brightness to your complexion and dimension to a solid color. You can choose to be bold or subtle, natural or neon and classic or crazy. It’s up to you! Ombre styles also help you cover up any damaged ends or bold roots by blending your natural hair with another color.

There are endless ombre options, so the best way to pick yours is to consider a few things. What colors compliment your skin? Everyone’s skin has undertones that work best with either cool or warm shades of hair. You can easily determine which direction to go in, but of course don’t be afraid to break any rules! Next, ask yourself how drastically you want to change your look. Do you want to add a subtle touch of blonde or are you ready to go full on rainbow?

Best Styles for Dark Hair

These ombre looks work best with naturally dark hair. Your hair can vary in shades of darkness, from black to medium brown. Depending on your color preference, these styles can range from subtle changes to a blast of contrast.

Warm and Cool


This natural look combines warm and cool shades of browns, like chocolate and copper. Even though the tones are different, the colors can blend together to still complement one another.

Shades of Red


Adding red to your hair can be subtle or drastic, depending on the shade you choose. Keep the roots dark to avoid an awkward growing out process and pay attention to the saturation of color at the ends. Use a darker red for a more subtle look and an orange, fiery red for a dramatic change.

Shades of Brown


This style avoids adding bleach and harmful chemicals to your hair altogether. With this style, your hair starts with dark brown roots and gradually fades into lighter shades of brown. This will be a subtle look, but it requires little to no maintenance.


Adding purple to the ends of your naturally dark hair will add a burst of color without going over the top. You can stick with darker hues without using any bleach.



Instead of always reaching for blonde dye, try adding reddish brown hues to naturally dark hair. This is a great way to warm up your complexion without a drastic shift in color.



This classic look put ombre at the top of every hair trend list. Add shades of blonde to your hair gradually, keeping the lightest blondes at the bottom. The sun-kissed look works best with naturally medium to light brown hair.

Silver Fox


For a more dramatic look, try fading your dark brown roots fade into silver blue-grey. You can decide to dye just the ends or apply the color all over your head.

Best Styles for Light Hair

Not all ombre styles need to start with brown hair. If you’re naturally blonde, try one of these looks to accent your color.

Light to Dark

Reverse the ombre look by keeping the darkest shades at the ends of your hair. This works best when you choose browns that are the same tone as your blonde hair. Try to stick will cool or warm tones.

Strawberry Blonde


Transition light hair to shades of red and pink for a bright, fun look. For a more subtle look, gradually add red highlights that are close to your natural hair color.

Shades of Blonde


Subtly transition your blonde hair into lighter hues at the end. This is a great way to add brightness and makes it easy to maintain your natural blonde color.

Purple Passion

Add a pop of color to your light locks! One of the most classic ombre combinations is blonde hair at the roots and purple at the ends. You can use temporary hair dyes and paints if you want to try new colors more frequently.

Ice Blonde


Play around with cool and warm shades by dying the ends of your hair an icy blonde and keeping your roots a warm hue.

Subtle Styles



Keep your hair its natural color and gradually fade into a lighter hue within the same color family. This is a perfect look whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly.

Bright and Sunny


Avoid bleach and transition from brunette to blonde by adding in warm tones throughout your hair. Instead of just one color, try utilizing different shades of warm blonde.

Shoulder Length


If you have long hair, gradually add in lighter shades starting at your shoulders. Keep it natural by using honey-colored blonde. This also works to cover up dark roots by seamlessly blending brown and blonde hair.

Hint at the Ends


Add a touch of light blonde to the ends of your hair. For the most subtle look, just go 1-2 shades lighter than your natural color.

Drastic Styles

If you’re looking to try something extremely different (and you’ve gotten the OK from your boss)try out these wild ombre trends.

Bold Bangs


Keep your bangs the darkest color and have the rest of your hair transition to lighter shades. This will create a more dramatic look that goes one step further than simply dark to light.



Bleach the ends of your hair higher on the sides and lower in the middle to create a unique “V” shape.

Face Framing


Brighten up your complexion! Keep most of your hair dark and gradually add lighter hues around your face. This style works with any color.

Single Strands


Add in touches of color and lightness to various strands of hair, instead of dying your whole head. You can choose to be bold by picking heavier chunks of hair as opposed to a look that resembles basic highlights.

Dip Dye


This look is exactly what it sounds like. Choose a color and dye the bottom three inches of your hair for a pop of fun. This can be done with temporary dyes so that you can change the color up often.

Solid Shades


Try more bold shifts in color instead of a gradual transition. The colors should be more opaque instead of subtle shades.



Add a pop of color to short hair by dying the ends of your hair. For a crazier style, try using multiple colors.

Platinum to Purple


This style uses cool tones of platinum and icy blonde mixed in with shades of purple. You can choose to transition from light to dark, or the reverse depending on the look you want.


Put a twist on the ombre style by adding bright colors into the mix. Colombre combines the classic ombre transition from dark to light but substitutes brown and blonde for colors of the rainbow. A few classic combos include dark mahogany to copper, red faded into coral and peach, lime green to aqua blue and fiery red to light orange. Colombre works for any hair length but requires more consistent maintenance.



Think about your hair as a sunset. Pick cool or warm colors and transition from the roots to the ends. You can also mix various colors throughout your hair that fade from dark to light.



By using shades of red, orange and yellow, you can transform your hair into a flame. You can choose to start with red and fade to yellow or the reverse.



This is one of the hottest colombre trends. Think of opal as pearl and rose colors. Mix iridescent pinks, blues and purples to achieve this romantic look.

Icy Blue


Start with bright, neon blue and transition to ice blonde at the ends. Aqua and bright blue are a classic combination. You can also add hints of purple and turquoise to mix it up.

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Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair does not discriminate. Anyone can be affected by uncontrollable elements and factors that contribute to damaged hair. When hair loses moisture it becomes brittle and loses its shine and luster. If hair is left damaged for long enough, it can cause dandruff and even hair loss. Taking care of your hair doesn’t always have to break your budget. There are plenty of natural remedies that you can make at home to protect your hair from future damage.

How Will I Know?

It’s pretty easy to figure out when your hair is damaged. Sometimes you can visually see the breakage and split ends. Other times you can feel excessive dryness in your hair. Damaged hair has a harsh texture and tangles easily. Overall you can tell that your hair is damaged if it is difficult to manage.

How Does Hair Become Damaged?


Sun rays, lack of moisture, harsh chemicals – there are so many reasons for damaged hair. Here are a few of the major contributing factors:

  • Overuse of styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons
  • Dry and hot climates
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Harsh chemical treatments
  • Excessive washing with harsh products
  • Friction from blankets, pillows and clothing
  • There are also reasons for damaged hair that you can’t control. Some people are born with medical conditions and hereditary conditions that make their hair follicles more prone to being damaged. In addition, malnutrition and eating disorders can lead to dry, brittle hair.

Finding the Proper Fix

There are a few ways to go about treating your damaged hair. Some people head straight to the salon to cut off their hair and professionally fix their problem. However, there are more affordable and faster remedies to treat and prevent damaged hair. In fact, most of them use products you can find in your pantry.



Eggs contain natural proteins and minerals that nourish hair when applied. For a natural shine, try this remedy once a week.

Egg Whisk
Products: 1 egg , shower cap
Time: 20 minutes

Whisk one egg and apply to your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse out in the shower and wash your hair as usual.

Olive Oil


Olive oil is packed with fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants that help seal in moisture when applied to hair. Using olive oil one to two times per week will help protect your hair from drying out.

Olive Oil Massage
Products: Olive oil, towel
Time: 30 minutes to overnight

Warm up 1 cup of olive oil and massage into your scalp for 3-5 minutes. Cover your hair with a warm towel and leave on for at least thirty minutes or overnight. Wash out in shower with usual shampoo and conditioner routine.

Olive Oil & Honey
Products: 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of honey
Time: 30 minutes

Warm up and mix 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of honey. Apply all over hair from scalp to ends. Leave in for 30 minutes and rinse out in shower and wash as usual.



Avocados are good on everything, even your hair. They are filled with healthy fats and proteins that help keep hair hydrated, flexible and soft. Use these remedies once a week to heal damaged hair.

Avocado Smoothing
Products: 1 avocado, 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil, blender (optional)
Time: 1 hour

Mix one half of a ripe avocado with 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil until smooth. Use a blender if necessary to get correct consistency. Apply and leave on your hair for one hour, then wash out as usual.

Avocado Paste
Products: 1 avocado, 1 egg, coconut milk
Time: 1 hour

Mash an avocado and egg yolk together. Add in coconut milk until the mixture is smooth and turns into a thin paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and massage into the rest of your hair for 3-5 minutes. Keep the paste in your hair for 1 hour then rinse and wash as usual.



Honey is a natural product that traps in moisture. When these remedies are applied 1-2 times per week, your damaged hair will be soft and shiny.

Honey Massage
Products: 1/2 cup of honey, shower cap
Time: 30 minutes

Massage honey into washed, damp hair starting from the scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes and then rinse out with warm water.

Honey Conditioner
Products: 1-2 teaspoons of honey, conditioner
Time: 1-2 minutes

Before putting conditioner in your hair, add honey. Use this mixture once a week.

Aloe Vera


In addition to soothing burns, Aloe Vera also soothes dry, damaged hair. It is filled with enzymes, amino acids and vitamins C and E that can help protect your hair when used once a week.

Aloe Vera Juice
Products: Aloe Vera
Time: 10-15 minutes

Apply the juice from an Aloe Vera plant to damaged hair. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash out in the shower as usual.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has been praised for its natural benefits. It contains nutrients that can easily penetrate hair follicles to prevent future damage. These remedies can be applied 2-3 times per week to protect your hair from breakage.

Coconut Oil Massage
Products: Coconut oil
Time: 5 minutes

Warm enough coconut oil to massage into your scalp for 5 minutes. You can also leave in overnight. Wash it out fully with warm water.

Coconut and Honey
Products: 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of honey
Time: 30 minutes

Mix 3 tablespoons of warm oil with 1/4 cup of honey. Apply the mixture to damp hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse out with warm water.



Bananas are high in potassium and vitamins that help moisturize hair. They are also known to improve elasticity, which is often lost in damaged hair. Use these remedies once a week to naturally soften your hair.

Banana Mash
Products: 1 banana
Time: 1 hour

Mash 1 banana and work it in throughout your hair. Let the mixture sit for 1 hour then rinse with water.

Banana Mix
Products: 2 brown bananas, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of olive oil
Time: 30 minutes

Blend 2 brown bananas with the honey, coconut oil and olive oil into it becomes a paste. Apply all over hair and leave in for 30 minutes. Rinse out with water and wash as usual.



This seems like an unlikely ingredient to treat damaged hair but it works! Small amounts of beer can be used throughout the week to work as a natural conditioner.

Beer Spray
Products: Beer, spray bottle
Time: 1 minute

Add beer to a spray bottle and use a small amount into your hair when shampooing. Let your hair air dry so that it will be smooth and shiny. This also works when beer is sprayed before blow drying and styling your hair.



The fats in mayonnaise moisturize dry hair by leaving it soft and shiny. Use this remedy once a week to prevent future damaged hair.

Mayo Mix
Products: 1 cup of full fat mayonnaise, shower cap
Time: 1 hour

Massage in a thick layer of mayonnaise to slightly damp hair. Work from the scalp to the ends. Put on a shower cap and leave in the mixture for one hour. Rinse and wash in the shower.



One of the main causes of damaged hair is residue left from shampoos, conditioners and other styling products. One natural way to reduce this residue us by using vinegar in your hair once a week or when it is unusually dry.

Vinegar Mix
Products: 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of water
Time: 10 minutes

Mix vinegar and water. After washing, pour the mixture in your hair, let it sit for ten minutes and rinse it out.

Vinegar Massage
Products: 1/2 cup of vinegar, 2 cups of water
Time: 1 hour

Mix this more diluted version of vinegar and water. Shampoo your hair, then massage in this mixture and leave on for an hour. Rinse out with warm water.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment!

It’s up to you to decide what remedy works best for you. Maybe your go-to is olive oil since you have an excessive amount already stored in your house. Maybe you want to try out the avocado mix so that you can eat guacamole at the same time. No matter what you try, remember that all of these remedies will take time. Damaged hair wasn’t caused in a day and therefore it can’t be fixed in one. With time, your hair will build up to a natural, healthy state and remain that way.

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding
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22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Long-gone are the days of rigid and stiff updos – vintage wedding hairstyles are in.

These styles are perfect for your special day: they create a timeless vibe that won’t seem dated when you flip through your photo album decades down the road.

Vintage hairstyles also give you the perfect opportunity to dive head first into a specific theme. Old Hollywood, midcentury, rockabilly, 60s mod: the possibilities are endless.

You can also pair a vintage hairstyle from one era with makeup trends from another to create a unique mix of class.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Whether your hair is long or short, natural or pin straight, you have plenty of options for both up-dos and flowing locks.

These vintage hairstyles also give you a big opportunity to incorporate accessories without looking tacky: pearls, subtle jewels, feathers, you name it.

Make sure to take your dress into consideration before choosing a hairstyle.

If you haven’t selected your dress yet, you’ve got a little more room to explore. If not, bring some photos to your stylist to find out which wedding hairstyles work best with the shape and neckline of your dress.

To help you out, we’ve included a video tutorial for nearly every style so you can test them out on your own.

1. Side-swept Waves22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

What’s more classy and glamorous than side-swept waves? This style pairs well with an off-white dress for creating a warm rustic feel. Give your bangs some volume to create a 1950s vibe.

Here’s how to get the pins right.

2. Old Hollywood Bouffant

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

If you’ve got bangs, this old Hollywood inspired bouffant is perfect. Add some bold makeup and jewelry to contrast with this simple style.

Here’s how to perfect the French twist bouffant combo on your own.

3. Victory Rolls

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

This picture proves that victory rolls are much more versatile than most people think. Sure, you can go all-out with the rockabilly look, but you can also keep things a little subtler, too.

Not to mention, victory rolls also work great for hair of different lengths and textures. For short hair, try victory rolls with an updo. Long hair can go half-up half-down with victory rolls on top and long flowing locks underneath.

4. Birdcage22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Forget those 90s style veils: birdcages are making a huge comeback.

This is a great option for incorporating a slight vintage vibe into your look without completely diving in. Plus, it works great with different eras: 1930s, 1950s, 1960s. You could even add a little embellishment with some pearls or rhinestones.

If you’re feeling crafty, here’s a tutorial for making one yourself.

5. Floral Focal Point

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Large flowers add a little extra elegance and femininity. Plus, they fit in perfectly with the side-swept style.

Select a color to match your dress or go bold with a pop of contrasting color. You could even match with your flowers or bridesmaid dresses – you have lots of options here.

6. Silky Curl Bobs

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Is there anything more romantic and playful than a curled bob?

These silky curls add a little extra elegance to this 60s inspired angled bob. Pair this style with a long-sleeve lace dress and some small white flowers woven in for a fairytale inspired look.

Here’s how to get the silky-smooth curls while keeping frizz at bay.

7. Pearls

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Who said pearls had to be big and tacky?

Small pearls work well with just about any of the vintage wedding hairstyles on this list. Pair them with a lacy white or cream-colored gown for a timeless romantic look straight out of a fairytale.

8. Half Pinned Back

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Talk about retro!

This half-up half-down bouffant is a perfect medium between relaxed flowing locks and a tight updo. It also works well with varying hair lengths.

Pair this style with bold lashes, smokey eyes, and nude lips to fully embrace the 60s mod look.

In this video, John Frieda explains how to perfect the look on your own.

9. Flower Crowns

Forget the Snapchat filters. On your wedding day, go for the real-life flower crown with these vintage wedding hairstyles.

You have plenty of options with this one. Go for bold and bright flowers or keep it subtle like the photo above. These flower crowns are perfect for spring weddings when flowers are in full bloom,

Here’s how to make one yourself:

10. Feathers

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Fans of the Great Gatsby will go gaga for this flapper inspired look.

The peacock feathers in the photo above make a bold statement, but you can opt for white or cream-colored feathers as well.

Pair these feathers with a low bun, finger waves, or side-swept do.

11. Side-swept Dramatic Pony

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Side-swept ponies are just another one of the many vintage wedding hairstyles straight out of the 1960s mod look. These styles work great with accessories like bold flowers or gems.

12. Long and Loose

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Who needs an updo?

Wide, long, and loose curls are laid-back and low maintenance so you can enjoy your big day with a classy and elegant vibe. You can even add some hair jewelry for a vintage boho look.

Not to mention, it’s super easy to pull this one off on your own.

13. Crown Braid

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Crown braids are elegant, vintage, and work great with all hair types.

Braid a small portion of hair around your face and let the rest flow or wrap it all up in one or two large braids. This is another great opportunity to add some accessories or extensions in different colors.

Here’s a simple tutorial for ladies with natural hair:

14. Headpieces

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Forehead bands are usually associated with the boho style – which works great for vintage hairstyles – but they also add extra elegance to flapper styles like finger waves.

Check out different colored rhinestones or pearls to match your other wedding accessories.

15. Bumper Bangs

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Nothing screams vintage quite like bumper bangs.

When most people think of bumper bangs, they might imagine rockabilly pinup, but you can incorporate this hairstyle in plenty of ways to create a look that’s equal parts vintage and classy.

Pair this style with cat eyes and red lips to embrace the pinup look or stick with a more subtle makeup like in the photo above.

16. Low Bun

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Low buns paired with finger waves are another great vintage style straight out of the flapper era.

Add some bright red lipstick and feather accessories for an old Hollywood themed wedding.

17. Mod Beehive

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Beehives don’t need to look dated and tacky: puff up the back and add a braid in the front.

You could also skip the braid and let a few pieces in the front wisp around your face for a less “tight” look.

Just don’t forget the doe eyes with lots of mascara and nude lips.

18. Jewels

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

Not into the flower crowns? No problem.

You can still add some embellishment to your wedding do with jeweled headbands. Skip the necklace and go for some hair jewelry instead.

19. Finger Waves

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

You were waiting for this one, weren’t you? Finger waves are timeless and classy. Plus, they work great with hair of all lengths and types: straight, natural, long, or short.

Go for an updo with some finger waves around your face for the flapper look or leave or down and dreamy like the photo.

20. Glam Accessories

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

With all these side-swept styles you need something to add a little embellishment.

Fortunately, you have lots of options for adding a little glam to your vintage wedding hairstyles. Try pins with one big jewel or floral inspired pieces like in the photo.

21. Old Hollywood Curls

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

You’ll kind of feel like a movie star on your wedding day already with all the photography and red-carpet treatment. Why not go all-out with a hairdo straight out of old Hollywood?

These timeless curls are elegant and work well with either a long-sleeve or sleeveless gown.

22. Ballerina Bun

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

It doesn’t get more clean and classy than a ballerina bun. Add some pearls and jewels or just leave it bare for a timeless look straight out of the 1950s.

Here’s a super easy method that doesn’t require a donut piece.

Embrace Your Favorite Style with Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Are you thinking 1960s mod? Or maybe textbook fairytale is more your style?

Your wedding day gives you the opportunity to live out your style fantasy for a day.

Whatever era you love, these vintage wedding hairstyles can help you create the timeless wedding of your dreams.

The only question is, which one will you pick?

How to Flat Iron Your Hair
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How to Flat Iron Your Hair

Whether you have frizz, static, or just too many curls you need to wrangle, sometimes a flat iron is a girl’s best friend.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is – once you’ve learned the secrets to getting the most out of your flat iron.

Even straight hair needs a flat iron sometimes if you are going for that super sleek look.

While you can use a flat iron to crimp, curl, and do other fancy things with your hair, its most common use is straightening.

Before you venture out into the wild world of flat iron crimping, start with good straightening technique.

By using suitable straightening techniques and knowing which products to use on your hair both before and after, you will be able to straighten with a flat iron while simultaneously protecting your hair from any heat damage.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to achieve straight hair with a flat iron.

First, Make Sure You have the Right Type of Flat Iron

First, if you have a cheap, poor quality flat iron, you could be doing more harm than good.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

If you own a ceramic flat iron, then you have an excellent tool for straightening your hair. Metal plates on a flat iron can singe hair. Ceramic is an excellent material for protecting hair. If you want to go for the big guns, get a tourmaline-ceramic flat iron.

Tourmaline is actually a gemstone with special properties. When used on a flat iron plate, it actually emits negative ions that remove static from hair scientifically.

Products You Need to Flat Iron Your Hair

Once you have a quality flat iron, you’ll want to get some hair products to support and protect your hair before, during, and after the ironing process.

WikiHow explains that it’s best to start at the beginning. When you’re washing your hair in preparation, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner made with the goal of straightening hair. (Note: This is different from hair products designed for people with naturally straight hair.)

You’ll also need a heat protecting serum to apply to your hair before you begin to flat iron. This will protect your hair from heat damage.

For the straightening process, you’ll need a hairbrush and some clips.
For aftercare, it’s best to have a hairdryer, hairspray, and a post-straightening product or setting spray that you can apply to keep your hair as straight as possible.

Prepping Your Hair for Heat

You’ll need to prepare your hair for the heat of the flat iron. Here are some simple steps to preparing your hair properly.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Once again, find a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to help straighten hair. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Purchasing this from your local drugstore will be sufficient.

2. Pat Your Hair Dry

Instead of roughly applying the towel to your hair, take your towel and pat your hair dry gently in sections. This will allow you to soak up any excess water. Plus, you’ll prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

3. Apply Thermal Protection to Your Hair

Before you flat iron your hair, apply a heat protectant gel or serum. This is your best bet for protecting your hair from heat damage. Implementing this step while your hair is still wet allows you to apply the serum evenly without creating clumps. Use a comb to brush to work the gel through your damp hair evenly.

4. Blow-Dry Your Hair

You want your hair to be completely dry when straightening it. Your flat iron will work better, and your hair won’t be as damaged by the heat. Remember to aim the hairdryer downwards along your hair, encouraging it to dry as straight as possible. Using a low heat setting will also help prevent any frizz.

Learning How to Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

Now that your hair is ready to be straightened let’s see how to create a perfectly straightened look with your flat iron step by step.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Let Your Flat Iron Heat Up

Turn your flat iron on and wait for it to heat up. If you have a lot of thick hair, put your flat iron on a higher heat setting. If your hair is dry and brittle, have it on the lowest heat setting to prevent any further damage.

2. Section Your Hair

Separate your hair into several sections by using clips. The number of clips you use will depend on how thick your hair is. Each clip should hold about 1-2 inches of hair. As you straighten your hair, clip the next sections out of the way. Place the clips on top of your head so that they don’t interfere with the iron.

3. Start with the Roots

When you begin to straighten your hair, place the flat iron as close to the roots as possible. For an even result, place the flat iron an inch from your scalp.

4. Clamp Down on the Iron

Firmly clamp your flat iron down on your hair so that the two heated pads are touching with your hair in between. Don’t clamp too tightly – this will cause your hair to mark and have a crimp. You also should refrain from holding the flat iron in one spot for too long for the same reason.

5. Run the Flat Iron Down Your Hair

Run the flat iron all the way down this section of your hair to straighten it. You should use a smooth and fluid motion to ensure the hair is being straightened evenly. Remember, don’t hold the flat iron in one place for too long.

6. Repeat the Straightening Process

Run the flat iron down the same section of hair several times until it is as straight as you would like. The thickness of your hair will depend upon how many times you have to do this.

The lower your heat setting, the more you will have to run over each section. Don’t be worried if you see steam – this happens when the heat comes in contact with any moisture in your hair. If you smell burning hair, however, remove the iron immediately and turn the heat down.

7. Work on the Next Hair Section

Move the straightened piece of hair out of the way and unclip a new part to work with. It’s easiest to start on one side of your head and then move to the other – this way you can keep all the straightened hair together.
You might need to brush each section before you straighten it. If the straightened sections of hair are getting frizzy, you can apply hairspray as long as you are done ironing those sections. Be careful not to get hairspray on any of the parts you haven’t straightened yet, as this can interfere with the straightening process.

Keeping Your Hair Straight Afterwards

First, let’s talk about a reality check. No matter how much time you spend straightening your hair, if you get it wet again, it will revert back to its more natural state. So, rain, swimming, and even sweat can hurt your beautifully straightened hair.

Here are a few things you can do to help the straightening effect last a little longer, however:

1. Use Your Blow-Dryer to Set Your Straightened Hair

Once you have straightened all your hair, use your blow dryer to set it. Select the coldest setting on your blow-dryer and blow-dry your hair downwards according to the hair flow. This will set your straightened hair. You can use a brush to guide the direction of your hair as you do this.

2. Apply Hairspray or Other Setting Products

Once you’ve finished with your cool-down blow-dry, you can apply some product to set your hair. These are any post-ironing products designed to make sure your hair stays straight. For example, you can use a hairspray to set your hair if you think it might get frizzy. You can also use a setting spray to keep your hair straighter for longer.

3. Remember to Bring an Umbrella

If you live somewhere it is prone to rain, carry an umbrella with you when you go out. This will keep the moisture off your hair and prevent it from becoming curly again. Note: Umbrellas can’t stop humidity from turning up the frizz-factor on your hair. This is where good styling product comes in (see point two above)

The Dos and Don’ts of Flat Ironing

Now that you’ve mastered the art of straightening hair with your flat iron, let’s look at a couple of tips to remember. You want to make sure you get the straightest hair possible while looking after it.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Don’t Straighten Wet Hair

Samantha Faragalli of InStyle says that it is imperative you don’t straighten your hair when it is wet. You could burn your hair and cause a lot of damage.

2. Don’t Use the Hottest Setting

The ideal temperature for your flat iron is 365 degrees. This means that anything hotter is too hot and will damage your hair. The best flat irons will have heat controls that will prevent the iron from getting too hot.

3. Do Section Of Your Hair

For best results, section your hair before you begin straightening. This will help you finish with an even look, as you will be able to reach even the hardest of places to straighten.

4. Do Start at the Roots

If you start the flat iron halfway down your hair, you are asking for trouble. Starting at the roots will also help to create an even look throughout and can prevent crimping.

5. Do Use an Anti-Frizz Serum

If you want long-lasting straight hair that doesn’t frizz, try using an anti-frizz setting serum to catch any flyaways and solidify a look that will last.

Flat Ironing Hair FAQ

Before you get the all-clear to straighten your hair, let’s look over some frequently asked questions.

How Long Does My Hair Stay Straight?

This can be anywhere from a few hours – in a humid atmosphere – to a few days (as long as you don’t wash it). Post-straightening products will make it stay straighter for longer.

How Often Can I Straighten My Hair?

If your hair is healthy, you can straighten it every 2-4 days. You must ensure you are following safe straightening techniques and are conditioning your hair well. That said, women use flat irons daily despite the recommendations, so you will have to test and see what works best for you.

Is It Healthy to Iron My Hair Daily?

No. It could cause your hair to become dry and brittle. The truth is, using any sort of hot appliance on your hair will tend to weaken the hair and cause some damage. This includes your hair dryer and curling iron as well.

Will My Hair Be Straight After I Shampoo It?

Once your hair gets wet in any way, it will go back to its original state. It’s best to straighten your hair on dry or sunny days when you know it won’t get wet.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Straightening It?

Having clean hair is recommended because dirty hair can cause frizz. If you choose to condition your hair, make sure it is rinsed out well, as the conditioner could burn with the flat iron heat.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

The Best Way to Flat Iron Your Hair

Ultimately, the best way to flat iron your hair is to simply be methodical and take your time.

Flat ironing your hair can be a tedious process, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be easy.

By following the steps above, you can achieve perfectly straightened hair without too much damage.
So, be sure to take care of your hair to give it the best chance of looking great.

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth
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Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

The Holy Grail has been found.

Sometimes it’s easy to be convinced to cut all your hair off. It’ll be cooler. It will be less of a hassle. The kids won’t pull at it as much. After all, it’s only hair, right?

Then you think about how long it’s going to take to grow back.

You haven’t seen your shoulders in years, and now you can see why. They say, “it’s only hair, it’ll grow back,” but they don’t think about how long this process can be.

Thank goodness for the elixir.

Let’s take a look at just how much your hair is going to love Argan oil.

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

This luxurious oil has been around the block. Wikipedia explains that Argan oil is extracted from a kernel found on the Argan tree. This tree is native to Morocco and cultivated traditionally for dipping with bread. However, the benefits of Argan oil for skin and hair were also soon discovered.

Wikipedia breaks down the naturally occurring ingredients. You will find Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene and fatty acids. The fatty acids are particularly essential as they provide abundant nourishment. The American market has seen a spike in demand for products containing Argan oil.

While you might want to rush out and buy your very own, it’s worth doing a bit of research first.

Since the beginning of mass production for the Western consumer market, there have been concerns about the legitimacy of some products.

Sierra Bright of Natural Living Ideas advises checking the ingredients list when considering which brand to buy. The smaller the list, the better – in fact, it should only have one ingredient in it. If it’s not “100% pure Argan oil”, it’s not the real deal.

The price of 100% pure Argan oil can vary to a degree. Sephora sells it at 50ml for $48.00, but it is available at different price points depending on where you’re shopping.

Who Benefits from Using Argan Oil?

The advantage of this winning product is that it covers all your beauty basics. When it comes to your hair, there’s no limit to how it can benefit. Especially when it comes to hair growth.

Dr. Axe recommends applying Argan oil to your hair as a leave-in conditioner.

The best part is that you only have to use 1-2 drops at a time. This is more than enough for an effective treatment that caters to all different types of hair. You can use this treatment every time you wash your hair in place of conditioner.

He adds that you can even use it as a restoration treatment by coating your hair in a luxurious layer overnight and rinsing it out in the morning. This can be done once a week and requires 4-10 drops, depending on how much hair you have.

Dr. Axe also mentions that Argan oil is brilliant for repairing damaged hair. Whether your hair is dry, dull, and frizzy or you suffer from split ends, Argan oil is a great natural remedy.

Why Argan Oil Is Good for Your Hair

Why Argan Oil Is Good for Your Hair

Now that we know how Argan oil can benefit our hair, let’s take a look at why.

Natalie Lukaitis of Marie Claire praises Argan oil, explaining that she can see why it got its nickname “liquid gold.” Natalie talks about how the naturally occurring fatty acids and Vitamin E go deeper than just helping with damaged hair and splits ends.

On a healing, therapeutic level, Natalie says the nutrients in Argan oil can even help to prevent inflammation of the scalp. This is the primary culprit of dandruff, sores, itchiness, and irritation below where the hair grows.

Tips on How to Use Argan Oil

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Argan oil is the elixir of life when it comes to keeping your hair alive and well.

Here are a couple of tips on how to use this “liquid gold” and get the results you’re looking for.

  • Shampoo: Ramya Achanta of Style Craze recommends investing in an Argan oil shampoo to help with hair growth. She explains that there are lots of shampoos that already contain Argan oil as the main ingredient.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything differently. Simply squeeze your preferred amount into your palm and massage it through your hair.

  • Argan Oil Mask: Another tip from Ramya is combining Argan oil with either coconut or castor oil and turning it into an overnight mask. She says that by combining it with castor oil, you will increase your chances of growing your hair faster.

Mix these ingredients together in a container before applying directly to your hair. Leave overnight before rinsing off in the morning for best results.

How Argan Oil Has Helped Hair Growth

The Dermatology Review rates a variety of Argan oil products so that people can be sure of what they’re buying. Amanda raves about using the oil in her hair, and explains that it is “incredible for hair…improves your hair over time.”

Linda also talks about how much Argan oil has benefited her hair since using it regularly. She says that she uses it “for hair and it is amazing.”

Good Health Academy says treating your hair with Argan oil once a day, as part of your regular beauty routine will help you see results almost instantly. It’s good to remember that keeping up a consistent treatment will ensure these effects are long lasting.

Liquid Gold for Your Hair

There is a reason that Argan oil is now in high demand.

With naturally occurring nutrients that bring benefits to both hair and skin, it has been toted as “liquid gold” and received quite a following.
Argan oil is now widely produced and available. There are no more excuses for holding your hair back and putting off treating that itchy scalp.
Thank goodness there’s a natural remedy that not only makes your hair shiny and supple but also works on a deeper level to deliver the nutrients it so desperately needs.