How to Flat Iron Your Hair
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How to Flat Iron Your Hair

Whether you have frizz, static, or just too many curls you need to wrangle, sometimes a flat iron is a girl’s best friend.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is – once you’ve learned the secrets to getting the most out of your flat iron.

Even straight hair needs a flat iron sometimes if you are going for that super sleek look.

While you can use a flat iron to crimp, curl, and do other fancy things with your hair, its most common use is straightening.

Before you venture out into the wild world of flat iron crimping, start with good straightening technique.

By using suitable straightening techniques and knowing which products to use on your hair both before and after, you will be able to straighten with a flat iron while simultaneously protecting your hair from any heat damage.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to achieve straight hair with a flat iron.

First, Make Sure You have the Right Type of Flat Iron

First, if you have a cheap, poor quality flat iron, you could be doing more harm than good.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

If you own a ceramic flat iron, then you have an excellent tool for straightening your hair. Metal plates on a flat iron can singe hair. Ceramic is an excellent material for protecting hair. If you want to go for the big guns, get a tourmaline-ceramic flat iron.

Tourmaline is actually a gemstone with special properties. When used on a flat iron plate, it actually emits negative ions that remove static from hair scientifically.

Products You Need to Flat Iron Your Hair

Once you have a quality flat iron, you’ll want to get some hair products to support and protect your hair before, during, and after the ironing process.

WikiHow explains that it’s best to start at the beginning. When you’re washing your hair in preparation, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner made with the goal of straightening hair. (Note: This is different from hair products designed for people with naturally straight hair.)

You’ll also need a heat protecting serum to apply to your hair before you begin to flat iron. This will protect your hair from heat damage.

For the straightening process, you’ll need a hairbrush and some clips.
For aftercare, it’s best to have a hairdryer, hairspray, and a post-straightening product or setting spray that you can apply to keep your hair as straight as possible.

Prepping Your Hair for Heat

You’ll need to prepare your hair for the heat of the flat iron. Here are some simple steps to preparing your hair properly.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Once again, find a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to help straighten hair. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Purchasing this from your local drugstore will be sufficient.

2. Pat Your Hair Dry

Instead of roughly applying the towel to your hair, take your towel and pat your hair dry gently in sections. This will allow you to soak up any excess water. Plus, you’ll prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

3. Apply Thermal Protection to Your Hair

Before you flat iron your hair, apply a heat protectant gel or serum. This is your best bet for protecting your hair from heat damage. Implementing this step while your hair is still wet allows you to apply the serum evenly without creating clumps. Use a comb to brush to work the gel through your damp hair evenly.

4. Blow-Dry Your Hair

You want your hair to be completely dry when straightening it. Your flat iron will work better, and your hair won’t be as damaged by the heat. Remember to aim the hairdryer downwards along your hair, encouraging it to dry as straight as possible. Using a low heat setting will also help prevent any frizz.

Learning How to Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

Now that your hair is ready to be straightened let’s see how to create a perfectly straightened look with your flat iron step by step.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Let Your Flat Iron Heat Up

Turn your flat iron on and wait for it to heat up. If you have a lot of thick hair, put your flat iron on a higher heat setting. If your hair is dry and brittle, have it on the lowest heat setting to prevent any further damage.

2. Section Your Hair

Separate your hair into several sections by using clips. The number of clips you use will depend on how thick your hair is. Each clip should hold about 1-2 inches of hair. As you straighten your hair, clip the next sections out of the way. Place the clips on top of your head so that they don’t interfere with the iron.

3. Start with the Roots

When you begin to straighten your hair, place the flat iron as close to the roots as possible. For an even result, place the flat iron an inch from your scalp.

4. Clamp Down on the Iron

Firmly clamp your flat iron down on your hair so that the two heated pads are touching with your hair in between. Don’t clamp too tightly – this will cause your hair to mark and have a crimp. You also should refrain from holding the flat iron in one spot for too long for the same reason.

5. Run the Flat Iron Down Your Hair

Run the flat iron all the way down this section of your hair to straighten it. You should use a smooth and fluid motion to ensure the hair is being straightened evenly. Remember, don’t hold the flat iron in one place for too long.

6. Repeat the Straightening Process

Run the flat iron down the same section of hair several times until it is as straight as you would like. The thickness of your hair will depend upon how many times you have to do this.

The lower your heat setting, the more you will have to run over each section. Don’t be worried if you see steam – this happens when the heat comes in contact with any moisture in your hair. If you smell burning hair, however, remove the iron immediately and turn the heat down.

7. Work on the Next Hair Section

Move the straightened piece of hair out of the way and unclip a new part to work with. It’s easiest to start on one side of your head and then move to the other – this way you can keep all the straightened hair together.
You might need to brush each section before you straighten it. If the straightened sections of hair are getting frizzy, you can apply hairspray as long as you are done ironing those sections. Be careful not to get hairspray on any of the parts you haven’t straightened yet, as this can interfere with the straightening process.

Keeping Your Hair Straight Afterwards

First, let’s talk about a reality check. No matter how much time you spend straightening your hair, if you get it wet again, it will revert back to its more natural state. So, rain, swimming, and even sweat can hurt your beautifully straightened hair.

Here are a few things you can do to help the straightening effect last a little longer, however:

1. Use Your Blow-Dryer to Set Your Straightened Hair

Once you have straightened all your hair, use your blow dryer to set it. Select the coldest setting on your blow-dryer and blow-dry your hair downwards according to the hair flow. This will set your straightened hair. You can use a brush to guide the direction of your hair as you do this.

2. Apply Hairspray or Other Setting Products

Once you’ve finished with your cool-down blow-dry, you can apply some product to set your hair. These are any post-ironing products designed to make sure your hair stays straight. For example, you can use a hairspray to set your hair if you think it might get frizzy. You can also use a setting spray to keep your hair straighter for longer.

3. Remember to Bring an Umbrella

If you live somewhere it is prone to rain, carry an umbrella with you when you go out. This will keep the moisture off your hair and prevent it from becoming curly again. Note: Umbrellas can’t stop humidity from turning up the frizz-factor on your hair. This is where good styling product comes in (see point two above)

The Dos and Don’ts of Flat Ironing

Now that you’ve mastered the art of straightening hair with your flat iron, let’s look at a couple of tips to remember. You want to make sure you get the straightest hair possible while looking after it.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Don’t Straighten Wet Hair

Samantha Faragalli of InStyle says that it is imperative you don’t straighten your hair when it is wet. You could burn your hair and cause a lot of damage.

2. Don’t Use the Hottest Setting

The ideal temperature for your flat iron is 365 degrees. This means that anything hotter is too hot and will damage your hair. The best flat irons will have heat controls that will prevent the iron from getting too hot.

3. Do Section Of Your Hair

For best results, section your hair before you begin straightening. This will help you finish with an even look, as you will be able to reach even the hardest of places to straighten.

4. Do Start at the Roots

If you start the flat iron halfway down your hair, you are asking for trouble. Starting at the roots will also help to create an even look throughout and can prevent crimping.

5. Do Use an Anti-Frizz Serum

If you want long-lasting straight hair that doesn’t frizz, try using an anti-frizz setting serum to catch any flyaways and solidify a look that will last.

Flat Ironing Hair FAQ

Before you get the all-clear to straighten your hair, let’s look over some frequently asked questions.

How Long Does My Hair Stay Straight?

This can be anywhere from a few hours – in a humid atmosphere – to a few days (as long as you don’t wash it). Post-straightening products will make it stay straighter for longer.

How Often Can I Straighten My Hair?

If your hair is healthy, you can straighten it every 2-4 days. You must ensure you are following safe straightening techniques and are conditioning your hair well. That said, women use flat irons daily despite the recommendations, so you will have to test and see what works best for you.

Is It Healthy to Iron My Hair Daily?

No. It could cause your hair to become dry and brittle. The truth is, using any sort of hot appliance on your hair will tend to weaken the hair and cause some damage. This includes your hair dryer and curling iron as well.

Will My Hair Be Straight After I Shampoo It?

Once your hair gets wet in any way, it will go back to its original state. It’s best to straighten your hair on dry or sunny days when you know it won’t get wet.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Straightening It?

Having clean hair is recommended because dirty hair can cause frizz. If you choose to condition your hair, make sure it is rinsed out well, as the conditioner could burn with the flat iron heat.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

The Best Way to Flat Iron Your Hair

Ultimately, the best way to flat iron your hair is to simply be methodical and take your time.

Flat ironing your hair can be a tedious process, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be easy.

By following the steps above, you can achieve perfectly straightened hair without too much damage.
So, be sure to take care of your hair to give it the best chance of looking great.

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50 Trendy Hairstyles for Women

The sky is the limit.

When it comes to styling your hair, there seem to be endless possibilities. From a short, chic bob to long wavy layers, there’s a broad range to experiment with.

Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there’s a hairstyle to suit it. While it might be tempting to stay within your comfort zone and keep what you’ve got, it’s worth taking a chance and trying something new.

The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Let’s take a look at trendy hairstyles for women that are setting the bar high for fashionable hair.

The Hottest Hairstyles for Women 20-30


If you’re in your twenties, you need to know about these trending hairstyles. Let’s take a look at some beautiful short ‘dos that will complete your look.

· Softened Pixie: Grace Clarke of Allure refers to Miley Cyrus for this style. Hairstylist Chris McMillan advises keeping your hair long on top while shortening the sides and back slightly. He says to keep it messy with a product.

· Razored Lob: Clarke continues the short styles with the Razored Lob. Lob means long bob, so it allows you to have a sharp, chic look around the shoulders. It starts long at the front before graduating to short at the back.

· Short Waves: Marianne Mychaskiw of InStyle looks to Elizabeth Banks for our next ‘do. Short waves complement almost any face shape and allow you to style it in many different ways.

Let’s look at some elegant medium length styles for your 20’s.

· Mid-Length Layers with Heavy Bangs: Clarke of Allure channels Kate Upton with this look. She explains that the outer layers are left long, while the ones underneath are kept slightly shorter, giving volume.

· Sleek Strands: If you want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, go for the stylish stranded look. Mychaskiw says you need straight, un-layered hair to achieve this look.

· Blunt Bangs: Complement medium length hair with a blunt fringe. Mychaskiw looks to Taylor Swift for this style. Keep your hair wavy and layered, offsetting this with blunt bangs across your forehead.

Go all the way with these long hairstyles for your 20’s.

· Long and Layered: Clarke of Allure says that Jennifer Lawrence sets this trend. She notes that long, choppy layered hair adds a lot of volume. This is helpful if your hair is naturally thin.

· Long and Layer-Free: Clarke explains that getting rid of those layers if you have long hair will open up the front of the face, and it is suitable for almost any face shape. This style can lengthen the face’s shape.

· Sophisticated Bangs: Mychaskiw advises breaking up long hair with a side-swept bang. This can soften the full look when you wear it either up or down.

· Long and Warm: Brighten up your face with warmer tones for longer hair. Mychaskiw recommends adding highlights to brown hair for a brighter look.

Great Looking Hairstyles for Women 30-40


You’re in your 30’s, and you’ve got kids. There’s no reason why you can’t stay hip and be the trendy Mom of the group.

Let’s take a look at some short ‘dos to suit your 30’s.

· The Shag: Julyne Derrick of Live About looks to The Shag for vogue. Shoulder length and mussy, this haircut is choppy and carefree.

· Shoulder-Length and Thick: Derrick says to keep this ‘do at the collar bone. Thickening it up will add volume and allow you to either mess it up or sleek it down.

· The Classic Bob: don’t be afraid to go for a classic number. Derrick says that the classic bob is timeless, meaning you can get away with it in your 30’s without looking outdated.

Let’s dig into some medium length beauties for your 30’s.

· Beach Waves: revive that summer hair you used to have with beachy waves. Derrick says that almost every woman in Hollywood has turned to this look sometime in their 30’s.

· Chin and Shoulders: the perfect length that’s right in the middle. Derrick says that this style is trending for women in their 30’s.

· Soft Waves: Woman and Home site soft waves as the antidote to aging skin. Soften your face with medium-length waves.

Go the distance with long hair in your 30’s.

· Rock Chic Curls: channel your inner 20’s with rock chic curls. This will add volume to long hair and give life to thin strands.

· Long and Blunt: mix things up with a bit of glam in your 30’s. Adding a blunt, vogue fringe to your long locks is the perfect addition to hair with length. Woman and Home recommend a high pony to complete this look.

· Long Fringe: if you’ve got wavy hair, match the natural frizz with a long fringe that you can wear forward or sweep to the side.

· Finger Waves: take your 30’s back to the 40’s with glamorous and long finger waves. Perfect for a sophisticated night out or to just jazz up an outfit.

The Latest Hairstyles for Women 40-50


The kids are out, and you’ve got time on your hands. You can’t remember the last time you treated yourself to a new hairstyle. Reinvent yourself with these age-defying styles.

Let’s take a look at some short ‘dos to complete your look.

· Stacked Bob: Julie Seguss of Good Housekeeping points to Michelle Obama’s stacked bob for inspiration. It’s a look that’s sassy, smart and great for professional women.

· Layered Bob: Seguss channels Diane Keaton for the layered bob. She says it is a look that is fresh and full of movement with bangs that frame the face.

· Modern Shag: Cut a bit off The Shag, and you’ve got the Modern Shag. Seguss says that Jane Fonda rocks this look with choppy layers from front to back framing your face.

Get sophisticated with medium hairstyles in your 40’s.

· Centre Part: Seguss says keeping it youthful with a center part is key. Complement this parting with long layers, and you can recreate the curls of your youth.

· Side Bangs: Soften your face with side bangs. The Right Hairstyles says that this look makes your hair thicker up front, giving your face a revival.

· Bronde: there’s a new trend in town, and it’s called “Bronde.” The Right Hairstyles defines this as a mixture of balayage and ombre. Combine these colors with medium-length curls, and you’ll look ten years younger.

Go all the way with these long hairstyles in your 40’s.

· Loose Waves: chop through those heavy locks with loose layers that give you a bit of bounce back. Seguss looks to Diane Lane for this look.

· Smooth Waves: Seguss refers to Padma Lakshmi’s long locks for this style. She recommends curling hair one inch from the roots to accentuate your natural wave.

· Long and Lean: maybe you’ve got too much volume. The Right Hairstyles recommends chopping through your long hair to thin it out. This makes it a bit lighter and easier to tame.

· Deep Side Part: Shannon Mariano of Latest Hairstyles advises breaking up the heaviness of long hair with a deep side part.

Flattering Hairstyles for Women 50-60


Keep it elegant and classy in your 50’s with these flattering hairstyles.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate short ‘dos for your 50’s.

· Short Layered: Jessica Mattern of Woman’s Day sees Molly Ringwald as inspiration for this style. She says putting layers through a short bob will give it volume.

· Layered Lob: buck the trend with layers through your lob. Mattern says putting layers through your lob will make it easier to style.

· Short Curls: take it back to the roaring 20’s with short, glossy curls. This will give you a carefree look and take years off your age.

Keep it medium-length with these go-to hairstyles for your 50’s.

· Wispy Layers: take out the heaviness with wispy layers that chop it up. Mattern says this windswept look is pretty.

· Polished Crop: keep it short and sassy with a polished crop. Mattern explains this will frame your face beautifully.

· Straight Lob: take the layers and curls out, and you’ve got a straight lob. Perfect for sophistication and class.

Dare to go double the length with these long hairstyles for your 50’s.

· Textured Layers: you can layer any length of hair, but texturing long hair will give you a youthful appearance.

· Delineated Layers: AOL admires Julianne Moore for making long hair look sexy. They say to ask for delineated layers from the collarbone down, finished with blunt ends.

· Feathered Layers: AOL says keeping it timeless with long layers coupled with a little feathering around the cheekbones completes this trend.

· Simple Style: Mattern means to keep it simple with a long chop that doesn’t require much maintenance. You can even brighten it up with a bit of color.

Modern Hairstyles for Women 60-70


Wow the crowd with the following hairstyles that’ll keep you radiating youth for years to come.
Let’s look at how you can style your hair short in your 60’s.

· Asymmetrical Pixie: go against the grain with an asymmetrical pixie cut. Hairstyle on Point explains this is the perfect hairstyle for busy ladies.

· Marcel Wave: Hairstyle on Point recommends taking you back to the 20’s with the elegant marcel wave.

· Tousled Pixie: go super short and embrace the grey with a messy, short pixie cut. Hairstyle on Point looks to Judi Dench for this style.

· Round Bob: go for the classic rounded bob. Grow all the color out, embrace the grey, and let your round bob flatter your face.

Keep it mild and medium in your 60’s with these looks.

· Lob with Full Bangs: Kaitlyn Yarborough of Southern Living seeks out Diane Keaton for this style. Frame your face youthfully with wispy bangs – it’ll cover those wrinkles.

· Layered Mid-Length with Bangs: Yarborough says women with thick hair will appreciate keeping it mid-length with layers to break it up.

· Centre-Parted Bangs: stay young and hip with bangs that part in the middle. They will frame your face and give it a natural lift.

Let your hair down – all the way down. Embrace these full-length styles in your 60’s.

· Shaggy Layers: it’s like The Shag, just longer. Hairstyle on Point says that shaggy layers are essential to giving a youthful look to length.

· Long Highlights: if you’re not ready to give up the color yet, put some highlights in to freshen up the length. Hairstyle on Point says this is an impeccable style.

· Full Textured Layers: Yarborough says this is the best way to embrace your natural curl. Keep it long and enjoy it, even at this stage.

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth
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Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

The Holy Grail has been found.

Sometimes it’s easy to be convinced to cut all your hair off. It’ll be cooler. It will be less of a hassle. The kids won’t pull at it as much. After all, it’s only hair, right?

Then you think about how long it’s going to take to grow back.

You haven’t seen your shoulders in years, and now you can see why. They say, “it’s only hair, it’ll grow back,” but they don’t think about how long this process can be.

Thank goodness for the elixir.

Let’s take a look at just how much your hair is going to love Argan oil.

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

This luxurious oil has been around the block. Wikipedia explains that Argan oil is extracted from a kernel found on the Argan tree. This tree is native to Morocco and cultivated traditionally for dipping with bread. However, the benefits of Argan oil for skin and hair were also soon discovered.

Wikipedia breaks down the naturally occurring ingredients. You will find Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene and fatty acids. The fatty acids are particularly essential as they provide abundant nourishment. The American market has seen a spike in demand for products containing Argan oil.

While you might want to rush out and buy your very own, it’s worth doing a bit of research first.

Since the beginning of mass production for the Western consumer market, there have been concerns about the legitimacy of some products.

Sierra Bright of Natural Living Ideas advises checking the ingredients list when considering which brand to buy. The smaller the list, the better – in fact, it should only have one ingredient in it. If it’s not “100% pure Argan oil”, it’s not the real deal.

The price of 100% pure Argan oil can vary to a degree. Sephora sells it at 50ml for $48.00, but it is available at different price points depending on where you’re shopping.

Who Benefits from Using Argan Oil?

The advantage of this winning product is that it covers all your beauty basics. When it comes to your hair, there’s no limit to how it can benefit. Especially when it comes to hair growth.

Dr. Axe recommends applying Argan oil to your hair as a leave-in conditioner.

The best part is that you only have to use 1-2 drops at a time. This is more than enough for an effective treatment that caters to all different types of hair. You can use this treatment every time you wash your hair in place of conditioner.

He adds that you can even use it as a restoration treatment by coating your hair in a luxurious layer overnight and rinsing it out in the morning. This can be done once a week and requires 4-10 drops, depending on how much hair you have.

Dr. Axe also mentions that Argan oil is brilliant for repairing damaged hair. Whether your hair is dry, dull, and frizzy or you suffer from split ends, Argan oil is a great natural remedy.

Why Argan Oil Is Good for Your Hair

Why Argan Oil Is Good for Your Hair

Now that we know how Argan oil can benefit our hair, let’s take a look at why.

Natalie Lukaitis of Marie Claire praises Argan oil, explaining that she can see why it got its nickname “liquid gold.” Natalie talks about how the naturally occurring fatty acids and Vitamin E go deeper than just helping with damaged hair and splits ends.

On a healing, therapeutic level, Natalie says the nutrients in Argan oil can even help to prevent inflammation of the scalp. This is the primary culprit of dandruff, sores, itchiness, and irritation below where the hair grows.

Tips on How to Use Argan Oil

Why You Should Use Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Argan oil is the elixir of life when it comes to keeping your hair alive and well.

Here are a couple of tips on how to use this “liquid gold” and get the results you’re looking for.

  • Shampoo: Ramya Achanta of Style Craze recommends investing in an Argan oil shampoo to help with hair growth. She explains that there are lots of shampoos that already contain Argan oil as the main ingredient.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything differently. Simply squeeze your preferred amount into your palm and massage it through your hair.

  • Argan Oil Mask: Another tip from Ramya is combining Argan oil with either coconut or castor oil and turning it into an overnight mask. She says that by combining it with castor oil, you will increase your chances of growing your hair faster.

Mix these ingredients together in a container before applying directly to your hair. Leave overnight before rinsing off in the morning for best results.

How Argan Oil Has Helped Hair Growth

The Dermatology Review rates a variety of Argan oil products so that people can be sure of what they’re buying. Amanda raves about using the oil in her hair, and explains that it is “incredible for hair…improves your hair over time.”

Linda also talks about how much Argan oil has benefited her hair since using it regularly. She says that she uses it “for hair and it is amazing.”

Good Health Academy says treating your hair with Argan oil once a day, as part of your regular beauty routine will help you see results almost instantly. It’s good to remember that keeping up a consistent treatment will ensure these effects are long lasting.

Liquid Gold for Your Hair

There is a reason that Argan oil is now in high demand.

With naturally occurring nutrients that bring benefits to both hair and skin, it has been toted as “liquid gold” and received quite a following.
Argan oil is now widely produced and available. There are no more excuses for holding your hair back and putting off treating that itchy scalp.
Thank goodness there’s a natural remedy that not only makes your hair shiny and supple but also works on a deeper level to deliver the nutrients it so desperately needs.

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Labor Day Beauty Essentials

In the world of beauty and fashion, Labor Day marks the end of Summer. With the Labor Day beauty essentials we’ve rounded up for you, you’ll be able to make the most of Summer beauty while you still can.


We’re all about turning down the heat and rocking your natural texture for one last day of Summer fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to let all that chlorine, salt, and sun damage show. Use Recovery Hair Masque before your Labor Day festivities so your hair looks effortlessly moist and hydrated despite everything you’ve put it through. If you’re beach bound or going to be out in the sun, bring some Essential Hydration Hair Serum with you in your bag for a mid-day boost.


Labor Day plans have a tendency to start early and end late. No one wants the Summer fun to stop! For an effortless and light Summer look that transitions from day to night with ease, use Allure Shine Lip Gloss in “Peach Sheen.”


Hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun with Pearl SPF Day Cream. Embrace Summer glow by mixing in a touch of bronzer on the back of your hand before you apply.


Pick a perfume that says Summer. Ideally it should be light with a floral or fruity undertone.


If you’ve got a mani and pedi booked before Labor Day, go for the bright colors. You might be tempted to make an early switch to Fall plums and other dark or neutral hues, but come Winter you’ll be glad you got an extra two weeks of Summer nails.

Need some more last-minute beauty advice before Labor Day? Tweet @BrillianceNY and ask away! Or leave a comment here and let us know your Labor Day beauty picks.

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Back To School Beauty: Heat Styling for Kids?

It’s hard to believe that Summer’s coming to an end. But now that the little ones are heading back to school, you’re back on duty as their personal style consultant. For better or worse, the importance of beauty starts young. It’s perfectly understandable that you want them to make the best possible impression on their teachers, classmates, and that one snarky mom who always looked at you funny last year. But should you go as far as using a flat iron or curling iron on your child’s hair? Ultimately the decision is up to you, Mom and Dad, but we want to help you to make the best decision.

Problem #1: Children’s hair is extremely fine. Even kids with “coarse” hair have much finer hair than most adults. Their hair is far more susceptible to damage and can easily be burned by heat styling. You can infuse damaged hair with moisture and nutrients to give it a nicer appearance by using Recovery Masque, but it’s impossible to reverse the damage.

Problem #2: Some kids have trouble sitting still. They’re kids! The last thing you want to do is cause them physical pain when the dog barks and they turn to look at it and braise their cheek against the hot end.

Resolution: The younger your little one is, the more you should try to avoid styling with heat. If you do use a flat iron or curling iron on their hair, start with a very low heat setting and don’t make multiple passes over the same hair. Choose a high-quality flat iron with diamond-infused plates to evenly distribute heat and reduce damage. The cool tip may also help reduce accidents. But no heat styling tool is fool-proof or damage-free; always exercise extra caution when working with children.

How do you style and care for your kids’ hair? Do you consider their beauty an extension of your own? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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An End to Split Ends

Has it been a “cruel cruel Summer” for your hair? Now that Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to start helping the kids get back to school, you might want to think about cleaning up those damaged split ends.

What are split ends, anyway? They’re what you get when the outer layer of your hair cuticle wears away. Caused by any number of factors ranging from heat styling to wind exposure, it leaves your hair in a weakened, dry, and damaged state. If you have split ends, it’s important to get a trim. Otherwise it’s like a snag in pantyhose that can keep running up, unraveling your hair, leaving more and more damage. Especially during the summer, aim for a hair trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

In the meantime, keep the damage down by treating your hair gently. Use a wide-tooth comb after conditioning in the shower, pat dry with a t-shirt, and detangle with your fingers as it dries to reduce breakage. Some believe that a natural boar brush is more flexible with your hair and helps distribute your scalp’s healthy oils. Avoid pulling your hair too tight or using uncovered elastics hair ties with metal pieces.

You can’t reverse damage, but the proper nourishment can add strength and help your hair appear healthier until you’re able to trim those split ends. Use Recovery Masque for a replenishing dose of argan oil and hydration that permeates into the cuticle. Be sure to rinse with cold water to help seal your cuticles. After showering, work some Diamond Drop Serum into the ends of your hair for extra nourishment and protection from the elements. Try adding greens, fruits, wheat, brown rice, beans, and seeds to your diet if you can.

To help reduce damage in the future, be sure you’re equipped with the right styling tools, and know how to use them. While an inexpensive “drug store” hair dryer literally cooks your hair, BNY’s Pro Dryer 3800 comes with a diffuser as well as technology that evenly distributes heat and reduces damage, not to mention an 80% faster drying time, which means less heat exposure. The ceramic plates  of BNY’s 1.25” Diamond Flat Iron also offer even heat distribution, but have you tried turning the temperature down? Different types of hair require more or less heat, and you should try to avoid using more than needed. You might also consider taking a break from damaging chemical and color treatments to give your hair a chance to regain some strength.

How do you cope with split ends? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing to keep your hair looking healthy and radiant.

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Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days: 5 Quick Fixes

Between humid days spent at the beach, a whirlwind of travel excursions while the kids aren’t in school, and hot nights spent tossing and turning, there’s no question that Summer is bringing its share of bad hair days. The real question is how you’re handling them. Use any combination of these five quick remedies to turn hair flab into fab.

1. Use hair serum.

Slick some BNY Diamond Drops into your locks to quickly rejuvenate your hair with moisture, silkiness, and a soft shine. It doesn’t get easier than this. Be sure to start by working it into the ends and focusing on troubled areas before using the trace bits left on your hands closer to the roots.

2. Style your hair strategically.

If you’re battling frizz and kinkiness, counteract by pulling your hair into a sleek pony, or go with the flow by creating a bohemian or beachy style with texture, waves, and braids, or perhaps a messy bun. An overly oily hair day, on the other hand, can be less noticeable when worn in braids, or you can work with it by opting for a wet look hairstyle. If your bad hair day is characterized by flatness, try changing your part or teasing your roots to add instant volume.

3. Accessorize.

From hats and headbands that hide troubled spots to sunglasses that draw attention away from your hair, accessories come in handy on a bad hair day. But make sure you’re dressing for the day and not just your hair. Does that hat make sense for where you’re headed? Are you going to have to take it off?

4. Express blow dry.

Styling with heat, especially when using a Brilliance New York hair tool with negative ions and Far Infra red technology to seal hair cuticles, can help you reverse the worst of hair tragedies. But let’s face it: You don’t always have time to reach for your flat iron or curling iron. If you’re in a hurry, spritz some Heat Protector, turn your head upside down, and give a quick blast of heat to those unruly locks with your hair dryer. It’ll add volume while correcting misshapenness, and if it’s a BNY ProDryer you’ll be left with smooth, silky hair.

5. Nail your makeup and daily skincare treatment.

If you’re feeling anything short of happy with your hair, boost your confidence for the day by leaving the house with flawless makeup and moist, supple skin. Today’s not the day to skip out on your Diamond Facial Serum and Face Cream (though what day is?). When applying makeup, be sure to balance your look with the other bad hair day fixes you’ve used. If you accessorized with a sweet, innocent-looking headband, add edgy style with darker eye makeup. If you pulled your hair back into a tight, sleek look, go a little softer with your makeup.

What’s the worst hair day you’ve ever had? What did you do about it? Have any other tricks you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tag us @BrillianceNY in a comment on that one Instagram selfie that says it all.

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Goodbye Envy, Hello Extensions!

Tired of looking at other hairstyles and wishing you had that kind of volume and length to work with? Envy is a waste of time when a simple solution is at your disposal. Every day, more and more women are making the switch to hair extensions. If you’re just beginning to consider Brilliance New York hair extensions, then you’ve come to the right place to learn about the best extension option for you.

Human VS Synthetic

For hairstyles that turn heads, 100% human hair extensions are 100% the way to go. Synthetic hair is cheaper for a reason. It never blends in quite right with the rest of your hair, tangles easily, and can’t be styled the same way human hair can. Synthetic hair can’t always withstand the heat from flat irons, curling wands, and other hair tools, which can cause it to melt. Extensions with extensive shine may lure you in, but buyer beware: they’re usually coated with silicone, which wears off quickly, leading to fading and tangling.

Clip-In VS Other Methods

There are a handful of intimidating hair extension installation methods ranging from glue to heat fusion, all of which can be pretty damaging to your hair. Clip-in hair extensions, consisting of small sections you can place strategically through your hair by yourself, are the least permanent and cause the least amount of damage to your hair. Avoid stress to your roots by placing clip-ins where your hair is the strongest, avoiding wearing them while sleeping or bathing, and completely opening clips before removal.

The Remy Standard

It’s important that your hair extensions are Remy hair. Remy comes from a single source and is picked strand by strand to ensure perfect alignment, with all strands’ roots in the same direction. Remy hair is high quality, remains beautiful and soft wash after wash, and barely tangles. Other types, like single drawn or double drawn, are not as high quality and have less uniformity from hair to hair.

A Natural Look

Done properly, hair extensions can go completed undetected – but certainly not unnoticed! For a stunning new hair extension style, seek help from a Brilliance New York salon stylist who can help you select the extensions closest to your natural hair color. She or he can help you use them to create highlights or lowlights or may even steer you toward mixing and matching colors for a more natural blend. One of the biggest “extension rookie” mistakes is to wear extensions straight from the box without any kind of styling. You want them to look authentic and lived-in. For the most natural look, your stylist can even cut them for the perfect blend of layers with your real hair.

Styling and Care

You can use low-temperature heat to style human hair extensions like you would your normal hair. You can even color them, though it’s best to avoid bleach and over-processing as well as products containing alcohol or oil. A stylist should be consulted before chemical treatment. Treat your extensions gently and carefully according to the instructions. Put thought into their storage, too. Instead of leaving them crumpled up, why not hang the clips on a hanger?

Extend Your Style

Leave a comment and let us know if you’re thinking of trying hair extensions. Or if you already have them, we’d love to know all about them and the beautiful new hairstyles you’ve been showing off.