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At Brilliance New York, we strongly believe in the power of social media and the conversations that are taking place online. Ambassadors are crucial to our brand and our relationship with customers. We follow blogs, contribute to them, and rely on them for their influence.

Brilliance New York gains lifetime fans from our blog ambassadors and appreciate the effort that is behind every post. We value our bloggers and the relationship we have with them. We admire the influence each blogger has and we are selective in picking our ambassadors.

Each of our ambassadors should BE BNY. Bloggers should embody the Brilliance New York brand of effortless luxury and style.

To participate in any promotion or program, you must be 18 years or older.

Be Selected:

We are interested in finding long-term brand ambassadors and like Cinderella, we are looking for the perfect fit.

Here are a few things we look at when reading your blog:

Will the product(s) be a good fit?
We want readers to enjoy your blog and our product. If we choose to partner, it is important the product we agree upon is a good fit for everyone.

Your blog style and tone should match our consumer. Posts should be luxurious and interesting, yet approachable. Our blog ambassadors should be using social media platforms to communicate brand values.

We work with blogs of all sizes and we do not discourage anyone from reaching out to us.

Our Relationship:

Are you ready to #BEBNY? Our blog ambassadors are authentic and so are their opinions. While we may send you some of our favorite products to try, we will never instruct you on what to say. We help our bloggers by sharing and promoting their posts.

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