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Changing Seasons, Changing Colors: Get the Most from your Hair Color

Changing Seasons, Changing Colors: Get the Most from your Hair Color

As the seasons change, you might be thinking about changing your hair color. With Spring freshly arrived and Summer right around the corner, you may be considering going lighter, or maybe you already have. Whether following the trends or going along your own path, whether you just colored or are about to, and whether you frequent a salon or bravely color your hair at home, these hair color care tips will help you do color the right way.

Dye it when it’s dirty. When your hair isn’t its cleanest, it’s easier to section hair, which comes in handy when doing the dying yourself. And especially for those of us with sensitive skin that gets irritated from the chemicals in hair dye, natural oils from the scalp can help protect you, so it’s best to avoid shampooing for at least a day before coloring. Even if your hair is full of the styling products you’ve used for the past two days, hair dye is strong enough to penetrate it and give you radiant and long-lasting hair color.

Make sure it’s moist. Applying a deep-conditioning hair masque like BNY’s Essential Hydration Argan Oil Repairing Hair Masque a few days before coloring your hair is a great way to lock in moisture, which will help your hair hold the pigment. This goes for after dying, too. Color fades faster from dry, damaged hair, as well as from sun and frequent shampooing, so be sure to nurture your hair.

Don’t dive into the pool. Avoid underwater pool time two weeks before and after coloring your hair. The chlorine strips away your hair cuticles and opens your hair shafts, allowing water minerals to enter and change the color. You can always look lovely lounging poolside, but if you’re a swimmer just keep your hair up and stick to the breast stroke.

Don’t over-dye. Coloring your hair every four weeks isn’t good for your hair. Opting for a color that’s close to your natural hair color, or just going with highlights, means that roots growing in won’t be as obvious and you can give your hair a longer break between coloring sessions. That being said, hair damage happens. Restore with BNY’s Protect And Repair Shampoo, Conditioner And Masque Bundle.

Get a shade that complements YOU. Your Twitter feeds may suddenly fill with friends and celebrities rocking their new blonde locks to the beach, all somehow in the same shade of enviable gold. (A certain Kardashian comes to mind.) But if your reddish skin tone calls for hair with a red tint, rock that red and be envied. If considering changing your natural color by more than three shades, try wearing a wig in that color first. Take pictures. See how it looks with your favorite outfits and makeup. Remember that the right shade, much like makeup, enhances rather than overpowers your face.

What color are you dying your hair this Summer? Has a dip in the pool ever turned your hair green? Comment and share your hair color stories with us!

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Spring Allergies: How does it affect my skin and How to Survive It?

Spring is finally here! It’s the season that brings new life and new beginnings. But that is not the only thing springtime brings; it also brings frizzy hair. But a bigger problem is the possible skin allergy. Sounds like a deal breaker, right?

When spring season kicks in, trees starts to bloom and pollens are released into the air causing allergy sufferers to sneeze and sniff. But aside from a runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes, it also gives our skin an itchy feeling. It is really irritating that even the clothes we wear can make it worse. Don’t despair, here are a few ways on how to survive it with ease and some skin care products that can help during the springtime.

Use Anti-Histamine Products – Histamine is the substance produced by our body during an allergic reaction. To lessen the burden, target this substance by taking anti-histamines. This can reduce sneezing, itching, and sniffling, while easing other allergy effects on skin. Anti-histamines can be bought at pharmacies and is an over-the-counter product.

Eye Care – Allergies can cause itchy and watery eyes, which can easily be solved by regularly using eye drops of your choice. While you are trying to rub away the itch in your eyes, the skin around it may darken over time. You can combat the darkening by using an eye serum that helps in reinforcing your skin’s natural defense system. An example would be our Caviar Eye Serum which also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Stay Indoors – For people who experience these allergic reactions annually, this season might be the time to stay indoors. If you work out, maybe you can go to a fitness gym or an indoor track. After the April showers, outdoor exposure can be safer again due to lower pollen count.

Shower Right after Outdoor Exposure – Being exposed outdoors means being open to pollens and other allergens. It is important to shower right away and use specialized skin care products for spring season to avoid them from penetrating your skin or from being inhaled. Also, if you have pieces of clothing that you wear several times before tossing into the laundry pile, make sure you wash them more often to avoid allergens. You wouldn’t want your hideout (your house) to be penetrated by the enemy.

Clean Thoroughly – One thing allergens do to your skin aside from making your skin itch is to make it inflamed. Your face is an easy target since it’s always exposed and for gals who can’t live without make up, it can be even worse since it makes it easier for dirt, pollution and allergens to stick. The best thing to do is make sure your face is washed thoroughly. You can use our Cleansing Milk to wash your face while leaving the skin’s natural moisture. Remember, dryness can trigger or worsen the irritation—avoid it at all cost.

Talk to your Doctor – While you can ease spring allergy effects on your own, it’s still ideal to talk to an expert. Let them know about your medical history to track down possible reasons for this aside from the weather. They might even have a permanent solution for your allergic reactions so you don’t have to go through it all every year. Additionally, they can help you choose the ideal skin care products for spring to minimize its yearly havoc.

How about you, do you have a spring allergy experience or tip that you can share with us? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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3 Ways to Use Your Straightener You Never Imagined

Hair straighteners are awesome. Imagine the convenience it gives us and the help it provides to keep bad hair days away. It really is a great tool when it comes to achieving a perfectly straight look and our mini flat iron set comes in handy while being travel size. However, there is more to a straightener than what meets the eye!

Instead of settling with the usual poker straight hair, be creative and be bold. A high-quality tool should help you instantly boost your fab factor with a bit of imagination. Here are three unusual ways to use your hair make over pal.

Add a Touch of Color – Did you know that you can use your straightener to apply color to your locks?

If you are adventurous and want to try some radical shades for a day or night, don’t hesitate to try this trick. Pick your preferred soft chalk pastel colors and run it over some strands. Then, use our Diamond flat iron to seal in the new hue. Don’t worry, this instant X factor is temporary and can be removed by washing your hair. As a side note, don’t wear this while rainy days or the color will fade and will leave your clothes temporarily stained.

Seal your Wefts – Did you know that you could use your straightener to seal in your wefts?

A lot of women, celebrities included, are going crazy over human hair tape-ins or skin wefts. These are natural hair bundles that you can use as an extension and they have a double-stick tape at the top. You just need to sandwich your hair between two adhesive piece and use a straightening flat iron to seal the bond. Your newly installed hair will add length and volume making your already fabulous hair look stunning. It is recommended to use a flat iron that has an adjustable temperature like our Diamond Flat Iron since you would need lower heat. Also, the Negative Ion from this iron can help seal the moisture in your hair while keeping the frizz away.

No Wash Makeover – The solution is right in your room!

As a busy, hustling, partying chic, there would be situations where you need to go somewhere while running out of time. During those situations, washing your hair is the last thing in mind and we all know it takes forever to dry our hair even with a blow dryer. A quick way to get a no wash make over is to spray your dirty hair with a dry shampoo focusing on the roots. After that, you can then use your flat iron and rotate the iron down and under your ends. This will give you a tousled round brushed-look. Ideally, you can use a ceramic plated Diamond Flat Iron so it will dry faster.

Do you have your own unusual straightening iron tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spring Hair Struggle is real! Here’s How to Deal with It

The spring season may bring flowers and showers, but the humidity can also bring frizzy and puffy hair! It might be a sign of endless bad hair days, but with the right care, you can prevent your curly, wavy hair from being out of control. As the weather changes, we need to change our hair care habits as well. There are different ways on how we can deal with it from hair conditioning to using flat iron, and ways on how we can prevent it in the first place. Read on for a better spring hair day.

Get a Trim – If you haven’t had one in a while, you might want to consider trimming your hair a bit. After winter, the ends of your hair might be dry and trimming them down can lessen the chance of frizzy hair making it look healthier.

Consider Your Conditioner – Conditioners are your BFF especially during springtime. It’s important to choose the right one for this season since some of them can cause your hair to feel heavy and greasy while giving you the I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-weeks look. Choose conditioners that contain Argan oil so it can easily be absorbed by your hair and will deeply hydrate it. Better yet, bundle it with a shampoo that gives you the same benefits.

Combat Chlorine – The heat and humidity may urge us to jump right into the pool. While that may sound fun, chlorine may build up on your hair causing it to dry and show off a damaged appearance. Protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater by applying a leave-in conditioner or thoroughly wet your hair first in shower before diving in.

Go for a Rainy Day Style – April showers will sure affect your fashion style. Instead of finding a way to win over it, why not use it as an excuse to wear a style fit for the season? Rain boots and umbrellas are great, but for your hair, go with a braided top-knot bun. Put your hair in a ponytail, braid, and then twist around itself and pin. Don’t try too hard, though. Tousled and textured look adds up to a stylish chic appearance.

Use Accessories – Don’t limit yourself this season. Accessories can always help you maintain your glamorous look. Pick one that suits your style and the season. Why not try putting some flowers? Spring makes flowers more colorful and gorgeous than it already is. The trick is to stay with accessories that are age-appropriate and you can do that by sticking with neutral colors.

Use the Right Tools – Taming your frizzy hair might require you to use some tools. Instead of letting humidity take over, you can use a blow dryer or straighteners to keep your hair strands smooth. Our Diamond Flat Iron is a good example since its temperature can be adjusted and can help seal the hair’s moisture, protecting it from humidity.

Don’t Forget the Brush – Brushing your hair, from roots to ends help your hair’s natural oil be distributed evenly. This should be a part of your daily hair care and use a boar bristle brush which is the best for that purpose. Natural hair oils are the best humidity fighters that you can trust to brush the frizz away and maintain your stunning look.

What about you, do you have a Spring Hair Struggle story or tip you want to tell us? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below!

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We’re hiring! Graphic Designer – Product Packaging

Brilliance New York- the original beauty powerhouse is hiring! We are looking for energetic and innovative creatives to join our team. Specializing in luxury hair tools, age defying skin collections, and nourishing hair care, Brilliance New York prides itself on using only the best of luxury ingredients for our customers. From the sketching board to the assembly lines, from ideas to final production, our dedicated team ensures that each decision and every step is influenced by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Hiring – Graphic Designer: Product Packaging


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Protecting your hair from a new fitness routine

Taking care of your body has become a priority this year. You have been putting in countless hours at the gym (or at least thought about it) and made critical decisions necessary to improve your health. But while taking care of your body,  chances are you have been forgetting about one crucial component of your health. Your hair.

It may seem irrelevant, but while your sweat  is eliminating the toxins from your body it is also destroying your hair.

Some day to day habits could be causing your hair to frizz and break. Even worse, loose hair that absorbs your sweat may be increasing your chances of developing skin conditions.

Here is some advice to make sure your hair looks just as great as your body after leaving the gym.

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Start the New Year with all of the essentials. Enter #BNYBasics Giveaway.

Start the New Year with all of the essentials. Enter #BNYBasics Giveaway.

The holidays are coming to an end and you have indulged all of your friends and loved ones by selecting the right gifts, planning family gatherings, and taking part in all of the festivities. After a year of balancing all the important events and people in your life it is only natural for you to have neglected yourself. This is the perfect time to restart, reboot, and stock up on all the essentials to update your beauty routine.

Here are a few suggestions to get yourself back on track for the New Year:

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Brazilian Beauty Secrets Revealed

It is undeniable that Brazil is home to some of the most famous people in the world. The land that gave birth to  global fútbol star Pelé is now the most beautiful country in the world. With models like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio it simply cannot be argued. Revered for their thick-bodied hair and radiant skin, Brazilian women have definitely mastered the glowing goddess look. The secret to their look has more to do with the right products and confidence than anything else.

The essence of Brazilian beauty lies in a carefree, healthy, natural looking skin.
Start each day no matter the weather, with a light sunscreen that compliments the rest of your beauty regiment and most importantly, your skin. For supple, dewy skin, we recommend using a face cream that nourishes your skin paired with a light moisturizer. At Brilliance New York, we use the White Diamond Facial Serum​ to infuse skin with necessary vitamins and antioxidants to prevent aging. We follow up with the White Diamond Face Cream as our moisturizer.

For full, voluminous hair, use tools and products that will minimize or prevent hair breakage.
Strong hair usually means healthy hair, which could mean avoiding styling unless you have the right tools. Prepping your hair is crucial. First, we use a hydrating Diamond Drop Serum as needed to keep hair hydrated from day to day. It is infused with our unique diamond peptide and Argan oil.  To style we begin with our Brilliance New York Heat Protector.  Although settings allow for temperatures above 400 degrees, if you are styling more than 4 times a week we recommend using a lower setting and avoid pulling on the hair. Our lightweight diamond-infused hair irons have smooth plates that prevent tugging on loose ends that can cause split ends.

A complete look requires a confident color palette.
​What is the motto of a Brazilian beauty? You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. Keep it natural with lightweight make up and make those lips shine by making sure that your lipstick is hydrating. One key ingredient in our lipstick is beeswax which is sure to prevent lips from cracking and keep them looking plump. We recommend Ever Dream Lipstick in dark red paired with our HD Total Coverage Foundation.

The true Brazilian Beauty secret is wearing confidence. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.

Do you have any beauty regiments you would like to share with us? Curious about new skin care products? Take a look at our different skin care lines and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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Holiday foods to enjoy for healthy skin

Between Thanksgiving and holiday parties, there are plenty of ways to lose sight of your usual dietary routine. This season, it’s especially easy to snack a lot of foods that are taxing on your waistline, and your skin.

Some simple switches can help ensure you’ll keep your skin radiant throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. Instead of approaching this season as one to abstain, think of it as a challenge to try something new – your skin will thank you for it!

If you want to make sure this season don’t leave your skin a mess, here are some holiday foods to enjoy for healthy skin:

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Diamonds, Rubies, and Caviar – Skin Care’s New Best Friends

While it seems like there is always a new radical skin care trend on the rise, some of these breakthroughs have helped revolutionize our approach to skin care. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis have been rumored to indulge in some high end, luxurious skin care routines including caviar and diamond treatments. It may sound over the top, but caviar, ruby, and diamonds have all shown to greatly improve the look and feel of skin, helping with anti-aging issues and hydration.

Some of our skincare products feature a groundbreaking compound named LXIR, containing a diamond peptide, which brings together a sirtuin-like complex and all natural ingredients. With all of these different collections and ingredients, it may be difficult to discern which of these collections may be best for you to try.

Which one of these is best for you? We’ll breakdown how each of these collections work.

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