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2 must have hair products to protect your hair this summer!

The secret is finally out! There is no magic trick to protect and nourish the health of your hair while it is being exposed to harsh summer heat and pool or ocean water. However, here are two products that will transform your summer hair care and ensure it maintains its fabulousness!

The first product that will make a great summer hair treatment is the Perfect Finish Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum. The argan oil has proven natural properties to replenish and hydrate the hair, while leaving it looking silky smooth and shiny. The lightweight formula provides the perfect salon finish with every use. After using the product your hair will feel rejuvenated and provides you instant shine!

Another product to look into is the Professional Diamond Flat Iron series. These flat irons are made with materials that won’t burn and destroy your hair. The advanced ceramic and titanium plates offer a protective coating that will contract the amount of heat that is being absorbed into the hair, ensuring that it won’t dry it out and burn, causing serious damage. The professional flat iron collection can reach high temperatures of 450°F / 225°C without damaging your hair.

To view all the Brilliance New York hair care collection and to find the best fit for you click here. Your one stop haircare range is available for all hair types and needs!

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3 Summer Hairstyles Not to Miss!

Summer is a time for fun, letting your hair hang and feeling the summer breeze uplift your soul! Summer is about letting the good times roll and flaunting your summer styles, including your hair! We have three hairstyles that will uplift your summer vibe and mood!

Get your natural looking Flat Iron Curls with your Brilliance New York Flat Iron. The beautiful thing about using a flat iron when creating the curls is that it provides the most perfect looking natural wave in your hair and is simple to achieve! All you need to do is wrap 3cm (wide) hair around the flat iron and hold it for 20 seconds before releasing the hair. Once you have done all your hair, you can either let the curls naturally drop, or put your fingers through your hair to release the tightness of the curls.

Nothing says summer more than the most sensational Beach Wavy Looking Hair! Don’t you love stepping out of the ocean and watching your hair dry naturally to epic summer beach wavy hair? Let us show you how to achieve this in the comfort of your own home! All you need is a flat iron or curling iron and some salt water (which you can create yourself). Simply spray some salty water into your hair and dry it off with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally. Then, with a curling iron or flat iron curl tight curls (1-2cm bundles of hair). After you have curled all your hair, shake out the curls for a good 30 seconds. Easy as that!

If you aren’t into curls or beach waves then a classic straight look is just what you are needing! We are vibing the straight high ponytail look this summer, keeps a clean, yet practical look on those stifling hot days. Using your flat iron, start at the bottom of your hair and section off each section, ensuring that every strand of hair is being straightened and cared for. Once you have done your whole head, using plastic hair ties position your hair into a mid to high ponytail! You are now ready to head out.

Summer hair vibes await you, don’t let a bad hair day stop your vibe.